September 5, 2008

This November: Rose is Moving to Central America!

It is with tremendous sadness that I announce my new (joyous!) life journey:

This November I am moving to Central America for one year.

The desire to make this trip has been pulsing through my veins for the last six years. I am at perfect peace with leaving. And my heart is exuberant to finally realize a "dream deferred." (L. Hughes)

I now spend my wonderful life moments driving through the gorgeous trees, laughing with my family, enjoying my flower gardens, goofing off with Couchsurfers, and loving this region with a bit of a solemn attitude. I am, in effect, saying goodbye to what I deeply cherish on a daily basis.

I wanted to pass the word on to y'all all at once to give the bare bones of my adventure.
At the moment I do not know where I am going. (PLEASE don't ask.) If you wish to follow an e-dialogue regarding my location preference and decision, please click here:

The countries I am considering going to are Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru. In a few days I will solicit your advice and experience regarding a few of these countries.

Regarding safety – Please recall that I lived in Mexico and traveled alone for four months. I am capable to be aware of my surroundings and able to interpret them within a cultural context. Don't worry about me. And if you are worried, pray for me!

I will send you an email with all of my contact information before I leave, and any updated information when I arrive.

Please note:

The reason I waited to move abroad after graduation was to produce the following DVD project. I am honored to say that the project has produced significant impact in our community. I do not regret the years I dedicated toward this endeavor.
The DVD is 12 minutes long.

I'll write you next as soon as I have more details :)

FYI : I will be spending almost no time one-on-one with friends. If you wish to hang out, I will periodically post events where I will be.
First event:
Hand drums, Belly Dancing, Stilts, Lawn games, and...
See you Sunday the 21st at 2 pm!

Much love, peace, and many blessings,

Miss Rose