February 20, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 26. Raw smoothies without the green.

My favorite foods:  Mom's three homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I also enjoyed my quinoa with steamed veggies, and a fresh berry and banana smoothie.

I decided not to put fresh spinach in my fruit smoothies.  I'd prefer to save the virgin taste of the fruit and just eat the spinach in a few handfuls on its own.  I tried adding the spirulina - Abut 1/2 tsp.  It overpowered the flavor of the entire smoothie!  I was disappointed.  Isn't there an easier way to eat healthy? 

I stopped taking my multivitamins because they made me gag.  I purchased adult gummy vitamins so I can easily down my vitamins. (They include B12!)   Whatever it takes.  I still down my O3 fish oil (eneric coated) every day because I know my body needs it.

Off-diet:  Mom's cookies.  Leftover biscuits 'n gravy.  Cheese on some garlic pizza.  (Was there chicken on that pizza?  Sometimes I forget I'm consuming meat.  It's so automatic!)  I'm too tired to recall if there was anything else.

February 18, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 25. Quinoa = sweet success

Thankfully, today was an easier day.  I finally finished all but one green smoothie from four days ago by adding V8 fruit juice.   Sigh.  I suppose I ought not feel too bad.  Any step forward is a good step forward in this journey!

Favorite dish of the day:  Quinoa and steamed veggies.  The Quinoa grain is surprisingly sweet, and quite simple to make.  (Similar to rice)  Quinoa is, by all accounts, a powerful grain.  It's full of protein.  I'm sorry I didn't begin to eat it sooner.

Off diet:  Leftover french toast from Word of Mouth Cafe from yesterday :)

I'm sick.  With a bad cold.  Ironically, the cold came on the day I was eating the very healthiest ever, and after several days of eating completely within the dietary restrictions.  Interesting.  Yes, drinking volumes of fluids, ginger, honey, lemon juice, et all. Tonight, I will sleep with my new friend NyQuil.  Screw all the health nuts who think pharmaceuticals are the death of us all.  For me, may God bless them for giving me sleep.

February 17, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 24. Amazing list of pantry items you ought consider...

Word of Mouth Cafe, 140 17th St NE Salem.   That's where I committed treason, sin, and betrayal.

I ate the Trucker's Plate, with biscuits and gravy (butter, sausage, cream), prime rib hash browns (beef, potatoes), and I subbed my two eggs for a cup of yummy fruit.  At least I did something right.  And then I borrowed bites off my friend's plate:  Creme brulee french toast.  (sugar, milk, eggs.)

It was evil and OH SO amazing.  Fortunately my organ system didn't shut down.  I did eat healthy things, too.  But they were far less interesting.  I am faithfully eating one avocado and one O3 capsule a day.  One must stay consistent, you know.

Next:  An unsolicited blog "guest re-post."   It's by Bonzai Aphrodite, and it's all the vegan food items she ate in seven days.  What an amazing variety!  Skim to the bottom to find her comments, and check out her site!

Seven Days

Mandarin oranges
Dried Cranberries
Peanut Butter
Coconut Butter

February 16, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 23. Boo on super green smoothies.

I didn't finish yesterday's green smoothie samples.  And I'm not enthused about doing so tomorrow.  They're simply too dense.   Tomorrow I will try to combine it with V8 fruit juice at 1:1 ratio.  Hopefully I will be able to chug it down...  At the moment, even my kale salads are almost gagging me.

Best dish (of mediocre options):  A raw salad.  Kale, mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini with a splash of balsamic vinegar.  The vinegar is a bit sweet.  Pleasant.  Also, I enjoyed a vegan, low sugar fruit bar from Great Harvest

Off diet:  A sample of GH fruit bar and GH lemon bar :)  It was too tempting... 

I'm not sure how I will eat all the kale before it goes bad.  At the moment, I'm missing packaged food.  Sigh.

The Vegan Diet: Day 22. The Dr. Robert O. Young green smoothie

I masterfully completed my mission:  A giant taste test of Dr. Robert O. Young's green smoothie.  Check out my 8 varieties below.
Best meal today:  Oatmeal, unsweetened coconut, pecans, and dried cranberries.
Off-Diet:  None!  Day two at 100%!
I believe I've lost about 3 lbs in the last three weeks.  I'll attempt to remember to weigh myself in the morning.
I am still strategizing on how to repair my sleep cycle.  At times I cannot fall asleep, at times I cannot stay asleep.  I typically begin to sleep deeply at about 6 am.  If I have a particularly sleepless night, I often choose to sleep in for most of the morning.  If I do not, I feel awful and in a great amount of pain for the entire day following.
Any suggestions?

Actions already in place:
1.  1/4 dose of the active ingredient in Tylenol PM (Meaning I do not take any Tylenol)
2.  New mattress topper.
3.  Addition of a PVC tent at the foot of my bed to relieve the weight of the blankets on my feet
4.  Electric blanket to not wake up cold.
5.  Melatonin.  3 mg at midnight
6.  No chocolate after 5 pm.  Perhaps caffeine is keeping me up?
7.  No water after 11 pm.  I often awoke needing to urinate.  I don't have a better solution...

Dr. Young's base:  Kale, spinach, celery, parsley, and cucumber.  

The first blend was chewy chunky.  I think Robert juiced his... and I'm stuck with a blender.
Base + 1/2 apple
Base + 1/2 apple + cinnamon
Base + 1/2 orange
Base + 1/2 avocado

Results:  I found the apple and avocado palatable.   The others were undesirable.  I entirely forgot banana, and would have also tested berries if they were in season.  Right now berries are simply cost prohibitive.
...And then I was reminded that I ought to add almond juice to the base.  New mixes:

Base + 1/2 apple + cinnamon + hazelnut chocolate = FANTASTIC
Base + 1/2 orange + almond milk = I actually began to heave.  Yuck.
Base + 1/2 orange + hazelnut chocolate = tolerable.

I barely drank half of what I made.  It's heavy stuff.

Today I also ate leftovers from yesterday's turmeric skillet and a pb&j.

February 15, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 21. Ice cream + Spriulina

A good day.  Valentine's Day.  My girls loved on me and the gents were kind. 

Favorite food:  I made a sweet potato, parsley, super turmeric, coconut milk, broccoli, onion, wilted lettuce, and cilantro skillet.  I tried to cook it using coconut oil, but that was a miserable fail - the sweet potatoes needed to really be cooked.  So I added water.  That seemed to do well.  I put it all on rice... YUM.  I'm not yet ready to face the kale.  It looks scary.

Turns out sweet potatoes are pretty freaking good!  I wonder why my mom didn't cook with them when we were growing up.

Tab, now I see why J is tired of coconut milk.  The flavor is powerful.  Nice, but it will soon become repetitive. 

My PB&J on sprouted bread was really nice.  The bread smells sort of... weird... but tolerable.

Spirulina in V8:  Tolerable.   Dense.  I'll start on one teaspoon per day.  Word on the streets is that any more could "cleanse" your system rapidly.

And Jen gave me Coconut Bliss Chocolate Ice Cream for V-day.  How lucky am I???  And so I sat at home, watching The Godfather, munching on a very small portion of ice cream.  (It's rich.)  Thanks, girl!

Off-Diet:  Hmmmm.   Nothing comes to mind...  At all!  I must have had a perfect day.  That, or I'm too tired to remember.

Love you -

February 14, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 20. All new foods.

Today was my journey to Life Source.  1.5 hours and $126 later, I have a mammoth pile of organic food.  I resigned that it would be acceptable to spend a lot of money.   I did.

The photograph foods I purchased today and have never purchased before.  All are organic.
Back row:  Basalmic Vinegar, Rice Dream milk, Almond milk, vegetable broth, chocolate hazelnut milk, canola oil (I meant to purchase saffola!).  Front:  Kale, turmeric, amaranth, coconut, quinoa, sweet potato, rutabaga, spirulina, and parsley.  Not photographed: coconut oil for cooking and sprouted bread.

My efforts toward green smoothies begins tomorrow.  I still need to research if I will just blend the kale raw, or if I'm supposed to cook it.  I will try to follow Dr. Young's kale, cucumber, spinach, celery,and parsley green smoothies.  I'll add extras like spirulina and turmeric to taste.

February 13, 2011


Perhaps I am resigned to my status as a "single" 28 year old woman. 

I semi-regularly leave the house in my pajamas.  And without makeup and bra, as always. 
I realized I really hit a turning point when I arrived at my sister's birthday in my pajamas.  I looked awful.  Yes, it's because I am always freezing at my mom's and pjs are the most practical solution...  (I did bring jeans in case I needed to be seen somewhere where it truly mattered to me.)

But my dress code at her party is a bit telling.
Thank God the murder mystery / progressive dinner on March 5 will certainly show another side of me.  I need to be girlie and feel girlie every once and again. 

The Vegan Diet: Day 19. Nightshade foods are inflammatories.

Yes, I know I did not write Friday.  And it's not because I felt (too) guilty...
On Friday I ate an ice cream cone.  A large one.  From McDonald's (double evil.)
I enjoyed it.  And shortly after, I became all phlegmy.  Which further proves the info I recently am learning regarding cow milk's amino acid chain containing a phlegm-producing particle.

On "cheating":   My goal is to take animal products and sugar out of my diet to evaluate if my body pain lowers.
I was talking with Jen about the ice cream cone I ate.  She said that by eating one single item, I could be causing significant damage to the progress I've made.
Perspective:  McDonald's nutrition facts say the ice cream cone has 18 grams of sugar.  8 oz. of V8 fruit juice has about 30 grams. I believe, then, I ought not be concerned with the sugar as being a set-back, but with the dairy product.
Marke / Tabitha, do you have any input on this?


I'm ok over all.  My vegetable bin is empty except for an orange and a broccoli stem.  I still have not made it to Life Source, Salem's only natural health food store.  I hate driving, and it's about 15-20 minutes away, depending on traffic.

Progress:  I am creating a shopping list.  Today I read through all my blog comments (which you left me :)  and added suggestions to the list.  I also researched nightshade foods (see below.)
My last piece is tomorrow:  research anti-inflammatory foods.  Yes, this is obvious and logical, and yes, this ought to have happened three weeks ago and five years ago, but better tomorrow than not at all.

Favorite food of the day:  Tom's french bread.  It was topped with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, garlic, and a bit of cheese and butter.  YUM.

February 10, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 16

I've been sorting many things out.

I'm still not sleeping deeply until about 6am and can be awfully crabby when I only have a few  hours of solid sleep.   Today I decided to not eat chocolate after 5 pm in case the caffeine is keeping me awake.

Here's my current diet:  Fridge is devoid of veggies and fruits.  Yesterday I ate most of a box of sweet potato soup with a can of corn and pecans mixed in (YUM!).  I also ate several slices of GH 9 grain.  BORING.  Not fresh.  Little variety.  Devoid of most nutrients.  Where are the raw nuts?  The leafy greens?  Pastas and grains?  Not on my plate :(  I did eat a few Cheetos, though!  :)

Tomorrow I will go to Life Source and bulk up on veggies.  My goal is to make as many "green smoothies" in one week as possible.   See below for my direct inspiration - Listening to Robert O. Young's hour on The Great Health Debate.  Overall, I think he's silly.  He measures all kinds of body stats with tools all day long.  And then he takes doses of tablets to balance himself out.  It seems way too unnatural for me.

He said his favorite green drink is 24-48 oz per day: kale, cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley. The blender y'all gave me for my birthday will sure come in handy!

He also says that avocados are the perfect food.  They're balanced in fats and nutrients.  He eats 3-6 per day.  Read more below.

Favorite food and off-diet:  A large spinach - olive oil - pesto - fresh Parmesan cheese salad for lunch.  And I had a nonfat blackberry yogurt for breakfast at Mom's for lack of better options than more bread and another orange.

One more day complete, albeit not very well!

Robert O. Young
"The PH Miracle"

He strongly believes we do not need to eat protein.  Olympic athletes only need 5g / day.
Rather, alkaline salts.  They are our life source.


When I think about the love and energy my friends so generously lavish on me
I am overwhelmed
My eyes quickly brim with warm tears
And I take some moments to thank God for you.

When I feel like I am losing control of Life,
When I need to be grounded and think only to call you for a bit of strength,
Just thinking of you reminds me I am indeed loved and desired
And this grounds me.  You heal my heart without even knowing.

I am richly blessed.

(thank you from the bottom of my heart.

February 9, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 15

I spent the entire day over at Mom's, and am suffering being away from my pantry. I am bored with lack of food options and did not eat a sufficient amount today.

Best food: Mom's peaches. YUM. That being said, they're likely packed with sugars.

Today on The Great Health Debate* a doctor spoke about fruit sugars, and how they cause people's energy levels to crash like no tomorrow. I'd bet $20 that this is exactly what was happening during the stretch of my diet when I was catatonic. I was eating a diet highly constituted of fruit.

Note: I usually eat about 3g of sugar in my chocolate each day. A glass of juice has 45g of sugar! WOW! I ought to have paid more attention before. (I will not stop eating fruit or drinking 100% juice.)

Off-diet on accident today: My Trader Joe's Sweet Potato soup's secondary ingredient is potatoes. REALLY???  Mirrrrrr.

* I'm not going to continue to tediously re-link the same articles... Please review older posts.

February 8, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 14 - A Review

Wow. I survived my two weeks. And I decided I'm going to continue on.

My pain level has been much better in the last three days... And three days ago I received a massage.  Yes, massage eliminates much of my pain, albeit temporarily.
My sleep cycle is still awful.  I began taking Melatonin 5 days ago.  Hopefully in several weeks I will be sleeping better.
Overall, I lost about three pounds. I need to find a way to chug non-sugar calories. Coconut milk is a new-found friend. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it other than chug it straight.

Best Food and Off-diet: SUSHI! I attended a huge birthday party with good friends and a sushi feed. I ate seared tuna and salmon, and dabs of cream cheese. And I do not feel guilty at all!  That brownie after dinner, however...  I don't feel guilty about that, either.  Happy birthday, Trav! I will be introducing fish into my diet this week.

A short review:

- I learned I really need to look at my diet carefully and realize it's much more complicated to eat correctly than I first thought. My goal is to do a good job. That is, a better job than I've done in the past, and to continue to improve.

- I learned that two weeks of vegetables, fruits, and grains is simply not long enough.  My body needs to flush out toxins, re-balance, and begin to store up the nutrients I recently began feeding it.  In two more weeks I'll reevaluate. 

- I learned about inflammatory night shade vegetables.* Potatoes and tomatoes? They were making my diet tolerable! I guess it's rice for me. I need to research and find out if other tubers are night shade too.

- I learned that foods lose their nutrition within a few days of being harvested.* I now buy produce for the week, and journey more frequently to the veggie stand.

- Pasteurizing juice and beverages also kills nutrients and essential enzymes, acids, and life. Eat fresh, local, raw, and organic as often as possible.

Lesson learned: Balance
I'm going to do my best in choosing foods and not stress too much.

Here's to two weeks of life!
* I'm not going to continue to tediously re-link the same articles... Please review older posts.

February 7, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 13

Thanks again for ALL your encouragement!

I don't have the energy to watch 3 hours of the Great Food Debate...  I'll skim Marke and Kev's notes tomorrow.
Best food item:  Well, I didn't really have one.  I guess it was rice noodles with leftover curry from Sunday. (with coconut milk!)  I'm down to only oranges, overripe bananas, and apples, and I need more fruit around the house.

Off-diet: Just recalled that I could not sleep last night, principally due to being cold, being in pain, having a stomach ache, and general restlessness.   I drank most of a Sprite and it helped tremendously...  And has a substantial amount of sugar.  Other than this, 10 pm, I'm perfect as a princess!

I'm TIRED of dark dark dark (80%) chocolate.  I think I need to buy Harry & Davids or Dove dark - they have more sugar in them.

Time to read up on anti-inflammatory foods.  I remember something about wild salmon being an anti-inflammatory, and that SURE sounds good right now!


Idea for a yummy pumpkin shake:

February 6, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 12


A good day.
Mongolia Grill with Mitchells and Groves et all, soy tofu style.
Extra butter popcorn has no animal products in it.  So I ate most of a bag.
I really wanted a bite of a Little Debbie Nutty Bar. I was stronger than the bar.  :)

Off-diet: 1/8 c skim milk in my cereal.  Organic red pepper and tomato soup (both night shade vegetables.)  Ingredients list skim milk as the first ingredient.  I can't bear to toss the soup out...  Perhaps I'll give it away tomorrow.  Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich!

Today I'm listening to the first hour of Day 1 of The Great Health Debate. 
It's a grouping of many extremely well repudiated physicians, innovators, nutritionists, etc.
They great thing?  They all are excellent, but disagree on some fundamental points.

Read the Renegade Health host Kevin's summary notes here.
My friend Marke took some amazing, concise notes as well. 

First hour- Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Gabriel Cousens.
(I have a hard time distinguishing between whose voice is whose.  Raspier, poor phone connection is Cousens, the Indian football player.)

Overall:  Skim to the bottom to read about their practical, vital tips for immediate changes in our lives.  Raw water???  Really?  That's right, and there's a link to a free source in Wilsonville!

They first discuss protein.  One states that 45 g. protein per day is about right, but some people's body compositions need a more intense carb diet than protein.  The other says 50-60 g. protein is needed.

One suggests spirulina, chlorella, and bee pollen as tremendous sources of protein.

February 5, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 11

THANK YOU for all your support, tips, and suggestions!  Keep it coming!!!  (I'm off to go make a banana smoothie.)

Best food item:  Toast for breakfast.  GH 9-grain bread, slathered with honey, and then caked with cinnamon.  Read below for many ideas of why the honey + cinnamon combination is magic (uber healthy and curative.)

Off diet:  Welllll.  I realized today that Ranch dressing has eggs in it.  There are minor vegan diet compromises everywhere.  I'm not willing to worry about said minute portions of egg in my diet; it's not as though I'm eating a 4-egg omelet like I would have before.  That's not the point.
I craved a corndog today.  Fried, yummy, fatty.  Mmmmm.  Mouth is watering just thinking about it.
I purchased more high quality extra dark chocolate today.  It's a matter of survival, and has a teeeeeny amount of sugar.  Which means it's on diet.  :)

Pain level:  Tolerable.  I had a massage this evening.  Hopefully this time I will not be in great pain tomorrow as happened last week.

Honey:  Absolutely the best food ever.  Survey of the oldest people alive showed one commonality:  They were often beekeepers.  They ate honey.  I guess the Bible is right on this one!

Below is a long list of what its qualities are...Fair warning - It's a copy + paste on an email regarding Cinnamon + Honey.  I have no idea how much of it is true.

Cinnamon and Honey
Honey is the only food on the planet that will not spoil or rot. It will do  what some call turning to sugar. In reality honey  is always honey.. However, when left in a cool  dark place for a long time it will do what I  rather call "crystallizing" . When this happens I  loosen the lid, boil some water, and sit the honey  container in the hot water, turn off the heat and let it liquefy. It is then as good as it ever was. Never boil honey or put it in a microwave.. To do so will kill the enzymes in the honey.

RoseBark Review: Schick Slim Twin Shavers

It's time for the first of RoseBark Reviews.
Please read about why I am publishing my reviews, and what my purpose is in writing to companies. My purpose in posting the dialogs is principally this:  I believe good should be rewarded with good, and poor quality should be acknowledged as such.  I believe the public ought to have access to reviews for products, services, and places.  I had a particularly strong experience, and I want others to know about it.

Product:   Shick ST2 Slim Twin, Sensitive for Men.
Concern:  Poor product quality.  Why do I want to shave four times per armpit...  with a brand new razor?  That's unneccessary.
My Action:  Email Schick via their "Contact Us" section on their website.
Result:  Positive.  They replied very quickly via email, were professional, and generally addressed the situation.  They committed to mail me a coupon for $11.99 off one Schick razor or refill and defended the Slim Twin Sensitive's quality.  They quickly mailed the coupon.  I did not yet purchase another set of razors.  I'll certainly choose a different Schick model!

Cheers, and thank you, Schick.

Read below for the entire email exchange

The Vegan Diet: Day 10

(I'm tired.)
Off-Diet:  I somehow spaced that salsa has tomatoes in it.  My brain didn't make the jump.  So...  My veggie salad was equal to yesterday's, except that it included extra hot salsa and went without the orange. I enjoyed it much better!  Later in the day I ate the same veggie salad mix and added a small amount of Ranch.  YUM.
I also ate one bite of a Great Harvest cinnamon roll (actually too sweet), and a slice of their chocolate cherry white bread.  It had a disappointing amount of chocolate, but all the better for my diet.
Aaaaand I spread mom's homemade strawberry jam on my GH Honey Wheat bread.  BLISS.

Jen brought over pesto, and we spread it on GH Dakota bread for a snack on our way to Portland.  YUM.  Note:  It causes burping.  Note: This is rather unpleasant when crossed with salsa dancing.  Note:  Avoid pesto before salsa dancing.  The whole world will thank you.

I am jumping in bed...  And will attempt (yet again) to remember to weigh myself in the morning.
Many more thoughts to come.

<3 r

February 3, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 9

I am never hungry.  I eat all I want to.  And I am enjoying my food.  Read why I am dieting.
 Is anyone aware of the severity of the loss of nutritive properties when a coconut is used fresh in contrast to canned?  (Either its meat, milk, or water)
Sigh.  I gave away my last vine-ripened tomato today.  (I'm also proud of myself for ridding my kitchen of night shade vegetables!)

Food of the day: A salad full of all types of raw vegetables, flavored with basil, pepper jack cheese, and orange.  I don't know that I really enjoy this combination.  It was a bit too odd to gauge.

Off diet:  I had perhaps 1 oz. pepper jack cheese on my salad.  Yum.  I also poured 1/2 cup tomato bisque on my rice and spinach for lunch.  I'll continue to use this soup until it is gone, because I don't want to waste it.

Cravings:  YES.  Chocolate, and ice cream.  Sigh.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!  I am so grateful!  Keep the ideas coming!

The Vegan Diet: Day 8

Going well.  I am no longer catatonic and exhausted as I was before Day 6.

Favorite meal:  Sauted vegetables over rice.  It was packed with flavor.  YUM.
Seasonings:  Fresh basil (Thanks, Jaya!) and ginger.  
4 zucchini, 1 onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 5 giant mushrooms, sugar snap peas, and love.

Off diet:  Big time :)  I ate a large piece of Amy's birthday cake.  It was amazing.  And not just because it's been over a week since I had anything sweetened.

I continue to learn.

If a food label says NATURAL, it means it (usually) has GMOs in it (Genetically engineered food).
If a food label says ORGANIC, you've found the right item.  Likely costs more, but better for you, the farmer, and the planet.
A self-appointed cabal of the Organic Elite, spearheaded by Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm, has decided it's time to surrender to Monsanto.

February 2, 2011

Dance lessons in Salem

(Please Facebook share this with the icon on the right)

 Debra is working on scheduling workshops for int/adv Salsa, East Coast Swing and Beginner Lindy Hop.  Stay in touch and spread the news!  Email her to get on her email list.
Debra Seeck    971.239.5340

Monday Nights at Center 50+, 2619 Portland Rd NE, Salem, OR
Held  three weeks in a row, 1.25 hours per class.  Cost per person is $36.00, open to high school aged and up, singles and couples welcomed.  Balance of leads and follows will be monitored.  Contact Mz Jitterbug (Debra Seeck) at 971-239-5340 or e-mail her at for any questions or to pre-register.   Pre-registration a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the first class is REQUIRED!

February 7, 14 (Center closed on the 21st) & 28
6:30 to 7:45 Beginner Waltz:  As February is the month to treat the one you love, treat that person to the gift of learning to Waltzing…
7:45 to 9:00 Beginner Night Club Two-Step:  …Or treat that person to the Night Club Two-Step, a slow dance done to contemporary music.

March 14, 21 & 28
6:30 to 7:45  Beginner Foxtrot:  A ballroom classic, this dance is great for those who want to glide around the dance floor with your partner to the sounds like those of Frank Sinatra. 
7:45 to 9:00  Beginner West Coast Swing:  Swing your way into Spring by learning this dance.  Done to contemporary music, this dance is considered the sophisticated swing and can be more challenging to learn.  Don’t let that shy you away as once you’re hooked, you’ll never look back.

Salem dancing: Latin and Ballroom

FINALLY!!!!  (Please Facebook share this with the icon on the right)

Below is a long list of dance events, both regular and one time, in SALEM.  Finally.
Contact point is Debra Seeck
She's the instigator and is a dance instructor.  Phone 971.239.5340

Friday, February 11, 2011:  Valentine's Dance at Mission Mill with a half hour swing lesson by Mz Jitterbug at 7:30 and Salem Big Band playing from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.  $10.00 entry.

Saturday, February 12, 2011:  Valentine's Dinner/Dance with Prudence Uncorked, Mz Jitterbug and Salsa in Salem (Dulcet Events).  Enjoy a wonderful dinner (not included in price), a Salsa dance lesson at 8:30 and a night of Latin dancing, likely with champagne
.  $15.00 per person entrance to the lesson and dance.  Contact Prudence (503-362-0888) or Mz Jitterbug for more information.  Dinner reservations required; no reservations for the dance. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011:    "Valentine's Day Pops Concert & Dance"  Salem Chamber Orchestra & Salem Big Band co-sponsor a Valentine's Night of Music and Dance.  Dance lesson by Mz Jitterbug at 6:30, then listen to the great sounds of the Salem Chamber Orchestra and then dance to the swing tunes of the Salem Big Band. .  


COMING SOON! …*****Every 1st Saturday, Salsa Night at Prudence Uncorked,  8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.  One hour Salsa lesson followed by DJ’d music.  Come dance Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Merengue and Cumbia. 

Every 3rd Saturday,  Salsa at Cubanisimo Vineyards,  5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Wine tasting and a one hour Salsa dance lesson by Mz Jitterbug followed by open dancing and socializing thereafter.  $15.00 per person for non-Cubanisimo members. Contact the vineyard to pre-register,  or 503-588-1763


February 1, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 7

I'm on three hours of sleep... I worked until 3, spazzed on my computer, then got up at 6:30 to work some more.  Thank GOD for the extra hours.  Either way, I feel mauled.  My back is a wreck.

Good progress - I gave away my potatoes and am opting for rice as a cheap filler instead.  I need to buy some brown healthy rice instead of the ...  stuff around the house.  I also purchased my first rutabaga today...  Now I just have to figure out how to cook it.  I spent $22 at Whole Foods Market in Tualatin.  We'll see how the flavor of the organic expensive veggies and fruit compare to the extra cheap b grade at the market down the street.  Sigh.  I don't have enough money to shop at Whole Foods regularly.  (Nor am I usually in the area.)

Best food item of the day:  I layered raw finely chopped spinach with buttered rice and spicy salsa.  YUM.  The butter sure made the rice taste great!

Off-Diet:  8 oz coffee to help me through the day, with about 2 Tbs. whole milk.  Butter in the rice.  Over all, I think these are SUPER insignificant.  I'm proud of myself.

Cravings:  Soft serve ice cream!!!  AK!


The Vegan Diet: Day 6

Pain level:
Consistently very high, and equal to when I began the diet.  I suppose five days isn't enough to make a big difference.
For about a month I have had difficulty sleeping because my knees and foot joints hurt so bad.  A new Nova gel memory foam mattress substantially alleviated my pain, and I am about 80% asleep at night now.  Last week I began weekly
Best food item of the day:
Definitely a sandwich.  Great Harvest Honey Wheat bread, loads of crunchy peanut butter, loads of clover honey, and a big splash of cinnamon.
Off Diet - It's 3am and I just finished work.  I'm too tired to remember anything.  But I really did want a fudgesicle.
Finally doing my research.

Reading a page on Rheumatoid Arthritis, which should reasonably address all inflammatory issues -
Says to avoid dairy, refind sugars, chemical sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine, and table salt.  It says to reduce or avoid red meat and processed foods.  This looks similar to my current diet.