February 7, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 13

Thanks again for ALL your encouragement!

I don't have the energy to watch 3 hours of the Great Food Debate...  I'll skim Marke and Kev's notes tomorrow.
Best food item:  Well, I didn't really have one.  I guess it was rice noodles with leftover curry from Sunday. (with coconut milk!)  I'm down to only oranges, overripe bananas, and apples, and I need more fruit around the house.

Off-diet: Just recalled that I could not sleep last night, principally due to being cold, being in pain, having a stomach ache, and general restlessness.   I drank most of a Sprite and it helped tremendously...  And has a substantial amount of sugar.  Other than this, 10 pm, I'm perfect as a princess!

I'm TIRED of dark dark dark (80%) chocolate.  I think I need to buy Harry & Davids or Dove dark - they have more sugar in them.

Time to read up on anti-inflammatory foods.  I remember something about wild salmon being an anti-inflammatory, and that SURE sounds good right now!


Idea for a yummy pumpkin shake:

1/4 c pumpkin
low-fat vanilla yogurt,
spoonful of peanut butter
handful of ice cubes
milk to thin  (Almond milk?  Will coconut milk work?)
Cinnamon on top

Remember yesterday's mention of how vegan/raw foodies need to be super aware of their B-12 intake?  The show (link now expired) suggested under-the-tongue sprays or injections for great absorption, and says the compound's components are so large that when you eat a pill, most of it goes straight out the other end.

Renegade Health, an awesome site by the guy hosting The Great Health Debate, has a 5 minute  B-12 episode.

There are three primary types to purchase.  Metho-cobalamine is the one we're looking for...
He mentions an under-the-tongue pill.  Hmmmm.  Not sure if this is helpful or not given the info we heard yesterday.  He also says fermented foods aren't quite good enough to give us B-12.  I didn't even know this was an alternate source.

He mentions a test re: B-12, but says it is unreliable for vegans and those taking algae supplements.  Order it here for $150.  Norman Clinical Labratory. They will send a uMMA by mail

Blood homocysteine testing is more reliable.  (Right.  Right.  Nope.)


  1. Night 2 was an awesome interview! I'm sorry to hear you missed it! I recommend it much more than Night 1. I took a lot of notes but haven't had a chance to edit them yet.

    Tonight is Night 3 but I don't have the energy to listen to it. Will check it out tomorrow. One of the speakers is pro-fermented foods (saurkraut, yogurt, kombucha, kefir, etc) while the other is anti-fermented foods.

  2. Thank you thank you!
    I am at my mom's sewing right now, and will shortly begin streaming last night's show.

    Cheers -