February 5, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 10

(I'm tired.)
Off-Diet:  I somehow spaced that salsa has tomatoes in it.  My brain didn't make the jump.  So...  My veggie salad was equal to yesterday's, except that it included extra hot salsa and went without the orange. I enjoyed it much better!  Later in the day I ate the same veggie salad mix and added a small amount of Ranch.  YUM.
I also ate one bite of a Great Harvest cinnamon roll (actually too sweet), and a slice of their chocolate cherry white bread.  It had a disappointing amount of chocolate, but all the better for my diet.
Aaaaand I spread mom's homemade strawberry jam on my GH Honey Wheat bread.  BLISS.

Jen brought over pesto, and we spread it on GH Dakota bread for a snack on our way to Portland.  YUM.  Note:  It causes burping.  Note: This is rather unpleasant when crossed with salsa dancing.  Note:  Avoid pesto before salsa dancing.  The whole world will thank you.

I am jumping in bed...  And will attempt (yet again) to remember to weigh myself in the morning.
Many more thoughts to come.

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