February 6, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 12


A good day.
Mongolia Grill with Mitchells and Groves et all, soy tofu style.
Extra butter popcorn has no animal products in it.  So I ate most of a bag.
I really wanted a bite of a Little Debbie Nutty Bar. I was stronger than the bar.  :)

Off-diet: 1/8 c skim milk in my cereal.  Organic red pepper and tomato soup (both night shade vegetables.)  Ingredients list skim milk as the first ingredient.  I can't bear to toss the soup out...  Perhaps I'll give it away tomorrow.  Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich!

Today I'm listening to the first hour of Day 1 of The Great Health Debate. 
It's a grouping of many extremely well repudiated physicians, innovators, nutritionists, etc.
They great thing?  They all are excellent, but disagree on some fundamental points.

Read the Renegade Health host Kevin's summary notes here.
My friend Marke took some amazing, concise notes as well. 

First hour- Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Gabriel Cousens.
(I have a hard time distinguishing between whose voice is whose.  Raspier, poor phone connection is Cousens, the Indian football player.)

Overall:  Skim to the bottom to read about their practical, vital tips for immediate changes in our lives.  Raw water???  Really?  That's right, and there's a link to a free source in Wilsonville!

They first discuss protein.  One states that 45 g. protein per day is about right, but some people's body compositions need a more intense carb diet than protein.  The other says 50-60 g. protein is needed.

One suggests spirulina, chlorella, and bee pollen as tremendous sources of protein.

Wikipedia "Spirulina contains an unusually high amount of protein with, between 55% and 77% by dry weight,[9] depending upon the source. It is a complete protein,[10] containing all essential amino acids, though with reduced amounts of methionine, cysteine, and lysine when compared to the proteins of meat, eggs, and milk.[citation needed] It is, however, superior to typical plant protein, such as that from legumes.[5] [11]"

The other guy says he doesn't take any protein supplements while exercising daily.  He says 
 2 tablespoons of Spiru = 30 grams
nuts & seeds = 15 grams

Whole eggs raw - One eats 2-6 per day.  (Less the shell.)
Farm-fresh, local eggs from a "healthy source."  No hormones, etc.  USDA found that about 1/30,000 of all eggs have salmonella, and this accounts for unhealthy eggs.  And our bodies are even made to fight off salmonella...  Meaning that it's amazingly unlikely to ever be poisoned.

He believes it is important to have some amount of animal protein, unlike the China Study.   Vitamin B-12 is important.  Both believe that the cholesterol isn't a big deal when in an egg form and with a normal person.   A lack of cholesterol = depression and suicide.  One suggests coconut oil and butter to raise cholesterol in a healthy manner.  20 oz of meat will meet this need...  Which is WAY too much meat.
Yoga teaches that eggs lower consciousness because they cause chickens to menstruate.  I've never heard this one before!

Both agree a vegan diet must be uber carefully constructed - for example, we need a bare minimum of 1,000 mg B-12 daily to keep our brains alive.  This affects Alzheimer's.  You can purchase isolated vegan B12 dipeptide carnosine.

Take out all carbohydrates and (unmentioned other factors,) Type II diabetes can almost disappear within three weeks.   "Healed."  "The fast track."
Vegan research with high carbs made a smaller dent in 5.5 months.

The key:  eat only greens, moderately high Omega 3 fats (plant based.)
Chlorella is full of amino acids.  It's a great source of protein.  It also has an high amount of iron in it, and one ought to be careful.  They suggest either chlorella or spirulina, depending on whichever you prefer.
Eat local.  Grow your own.  Food loses its energy in a few days.  That's a great reason to eat local.  Also, ecologically, there is impact in gas, fuel, energy expenditure in transporting food.  (Except for a few things like turmeric, where it can really only be found organically in India.)
Eat organic


Bottom line: 
Individualize.  We're all unique.  It's my responsibility to find out what my body needs.
Organic.High mineral. 
Low glycemic.  (One says low grains to no grains, greens should give the carbohydrates.)
High quality water with no plastic contact.
Other dude's Bottom line: 

Raw water is fantastic in the same way that raw water is.  From a local spring.  Yes, transport it in glass, not plastic.  Bottled water is sterilized and we miss out on living agents.
 We have one in Canby!  Free.  7524 SW Kolbe Lane Wilsonville, OR 97070.   "the water should be of the highest quality as the aquifer orginiates from the Southwest side of Mt Hood, traveling 400′ underground before coming above in Wilsonville. He also stated that the water is melt water from snowpack as the temperatures are colder in the summer and warmer in the winter months. I drank from it daily for 6 months and my health improved daily."

Strength training to bring heart rate to its maximum  (220 - your age).  It optimizes your biochemistry and helps your hormones.
Learn to understand your body.
Eat according to our agenda - ethics, spirituality, values...
Jesus was a plant-source only person.

Be consistent in your choices.


  1. Not to be a 'Debbie Downer' but have one thought to ponder and research. Those who eat vegetarian have higher rates of Alzheimer's, etc. Planning to research this myself, it has to to with Omega 3's.

  2. I think it's funny that since you couldn't differentiate Mercola's voice from Cousens' voice you just said "one dude" and "other dude!" A few of the points mentioned above were attributed to the wrong person, but over all you got down quite a bit of information in a highly technical and potentially confusing conversation!

    Speaking of healing type 2 diabetes in 3 weeks, Cousens (and a few others) put together a documentary about it. It's called Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (go to for more info).

    Speaking of raw water and finding a spring, Daniel Vitalis is the guy who has spear-headed that movement and he will be interviewed in a few days. I REALLY like listening to both him and David Wolfe!

    I enjoyed listening to last night's interviews, but am looking forward to hearing more of the people in the coming days. I hope they are not all as scattered and technical as last night's talk. Glad you're tuning in and taking notes! I'll forward you the notes that I took...

  3. BTW, I don't think the carnosine thing had to do with B12 (unless I heard wrong). I think the 1,000 mg/day was a carnosine recommendation, not a B12 recommendation. But again, maybe I heard wrong...

  4. Anon: The recording specifically addressed Omegas as well - they acknowledge its importance! (I'm not going to listen to it again today to look it up. Feel free.)

    Marke: Your notes are awesome. WAY more concise and organized than mine... But then, mine were for private use, and I was busy working as I took the notes. It was more important to me to hear 80% of the information and take down an outline than get caught up in polishing perfect notes.

    All: Check out Marke's beautiful notes on his OKC vegan site:

    Marke: Thank you. We just spoke on the phone, and it was helpful to clarify some points. Vortexing water. Who knew?

  5. Wow that was informative. i learned a lot while reading your post. i like the content because its straight forward. keep it up.

  6. :) I'm very glad.
    Thank you for tuning in!