February 14, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 20. All new foods.

Today was my journey to Life Source.  1.5 hours and $126 later, I have a mammoth pile of organic food.  I resigned that it would be acceptable to spend a lot of money.   I did.

The photograph foods I purchased today and have never purchased before.  All are organic.
Back row:  Basalmic Vinegar, Rice Dream milk, Almond milk, vegetable broth, chocolate hazelnut milk, canola oil (I meant to purchase saffola!).  Front:  Kale, turmeric, amaranth, coconut, quinoa, sweet potato, rutabaga, spirulina, and parsley.  Not photographed: coconut oil for cooking and sprouted bread.

My efforts toward green smoothies begins tomorrow.  I still need to research if I will just blend the kale raw, or if I'm supposed to cook it.  I will try to follow Dr. Young's kale, cucumber, spinach, celery,and parsley green smoothies.  I'll add extras like spirulina and turmeric to taste.
On sugar:  It seems I arbitrarily decided to cut out what I thought were sugary foods and stick to what I thought weren't.  In truth, my ice cream has about 15g sugar in 1/2 cup, and my juice has about 30g sugar in 8oz.  When I compare them directly, it makes me want to "cheat" on the ice cream.  But as I mentioned yesterday, ice cream also has dairy, which I'm avoiding.  Also, the sugars are entirely different.  In the comments on Day 20, Marke commented on the many types of sugars.  I frankly don't know much about the difference in nutritional value nor health impact.  And I feel too overwhelmed to bother to research it.  (At least I'm honest.)  For now, I'm just minimizing my intake by about 95%, and I feel pretty great about it.  I don't worry about foods that say "organic cane sugar" because I seem to justify so easily when the ingredients do not say "extra processed bleached white sugar."  Sigh.

Favorite food of the day:  I squeezed half an orange on a giant bowl of rice.  I loved it.  I also had another spinach/olive oil/pesto/parmesan salad, and I love them.  I also had a breakfast of mom's canned peaches and toast with mom's jam.  Loved it.

Off-diet:  I ate a small chocolate, a Valentine's day gift from Amy.  And I drank a Smirnoff.  :)


  1. went to life source for the first time while home at christmas - love that place.

    jon and i spend most of our money on food. what you eat becomes your body and you spend every day inside your body. so we decided that this is more important than going to the movies or buying name brand clothes, etc. plus, good food is just SO GOOD. i love it. AND when you eat well, you set yourself up for BEING well - this reduces health care costs in the long run. neither of us have had the flu or even colds this season (we are usually both knocked out at least once or twice by something disgusting each winter). this means we don't miss work and we get to enjoy life to the fullest.

    a very small reason why i think the cost of GOOD food is totally worth it.

    in the long run cheap food isn't cheap. it pumps money into a system that doesn't care about people (just about profit), continues to dump chemicals in to the earth, our food and the groundwater, and raises the price of health care and the amount of unhealthy obesity and illness in our communities. not worth the price to me.

    just my two cents (or my $5). :)