February 5, 2012

Nov. 16 - Nov. 22: Paradise, Penny Pinching, and Pain

November 22

Prayer request: My body pain is often consuming and affecting my ability to sleep, energy level, and attitude. It can be discouraging.
Prayer for healing of fibromyalgia (chronic pain) and spondylosis (tissue between vertebrae degenerating), prayer for a good attitude, prayer for deep and restorative sleep, and prayer for me to be better at self-care.
I brought some savings specifically for massage, and I need to put it to good use.

Thanks for your continued love and support!!!

Centro Energetico Integral - Tel. 5514 1775 I did a workshop with Sergio MagaƱa and was extremely impressed with him, enough so that I will spend 10 days on a tour that he will lead. I generally don't like big group trips but I think that what I will get out of it will be worth it. He doesn't do treatments anymore but you can find someone there who does. Profound, powerful work! - Jeya

Going to bed at 8pm. In too much pain and too exhausted from not sleeping last night to function at all.

The two masseuses were not working this afternoon! Ak! I don't leave the house much. Five blocks to the masseuse was actually an effort. I hate traveling in the city.. I've been sluggish lately because of the pain. Sigh. I did make it to the store today, and am set for cooking tomorrow! That was my big accomplishment :)

A Zumba class costs 10 pesos in my neighborhood. 2 people for 15 pesos.
10 pesos = $0.75. :) Now, if I could only understand the haphazard directions to class...

November 20
Yesterday (Saturday) I worked hard while the others played in the sun.
Today I woke up, harvested fresh oranges, made orange juice, and enjoyed the house in Cuernavaca.

Someone mentioned Thanksgiving; I was shocked that it is this coming Thursday. I usually don't associate bikinis with Thanksgiving. (Ha, Salem, enjoy your weather.)

Thank God for Sunday, for sunshine, for friends, and for three day weekends (Monday is a holiday).

Nov 6 - Nov 15: Cuernavaca, aloneness, and Int'l live party

November 13
‎...That heaviness that only a hug can fix.
Not logic, not prayer, not exercise, not chocolate.
This volunteer/NGO family is kind and affectionate, but hugs are different when they come from a person who deeply knows you. I'm trying to convince my mom to come visit me in February :) (And airfare is only $300 or so, y'all!)

November 12
NGO getaway: Cuernavaca, Mexico.
This morning I woke up, sunbathed in my bikini, and swam in a pool surrounded by a lush garden of flowers and mandarin trees. We all eat vegetarian goodness. The poinsettia is easily 12' tall.
My new friends/family/coworkers are a star-studded cast of brilliant, adorable dorks. (I fit in in my own way!) I am tremendously blessed to be welcomed into the family.
And in an hour we will walk down the street to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
:) No complaints from Mexico!

Productive day working hard - researching, creating a bit of structure for future IU interns, and studying. Oh, in my bikini by the poolside eating too many mandarins we picked from the plentiful nearby trees yesterday.
Here's to working remotely!
I love my netbook, and am so grateful I brought my work to Cuernavaca.
Thanks in advance for telling me you're jealous. :)I got barely crisped today. Yummmmm. (Yes, Mom, I wear sunscreen on most of my body.)

November 10
In 4 days I've seen
0 cockroaches but about
25 potato bugs (rolly-pollys)

Yet another unexpected find in Mexico City.  My roommate calls them an "infestation."
This afternoon's snack?
Peanut butter and honey on... warmed flour tortillas. mmmm.
And one of the guys who lives here always puts mayo on his tortillas. Em, yuck.

November 9
Ever have one of those days where you wake up and simply feel... extra insecure?
Today was a good day overall, but my brain kept sending me false messages about being rejected or disliked in a dozen different forms. Odd.
It caught me off guard because I know that I know I am doing what I am supposed to be, and I feel fulfilled and at peace with my life path.