July 23, 2011

Your "private" information is everywhere online - Start removing it here.

At the end of this message you will find links to some of the larger data mining companies, and directions on how to remove your profile. 

I'd like to clue you in on an already giant establishment:  The information you deem private is often public.
And often you would prefer this information never be shown, much less be searchable in a dozen giant databases, and only costing $2 for any stalker to find. "Identity Management Companies" are considered the modern phone book, and they're offering any information you provide.

We know that the information we post on facebook is public.  But what about city and government records?  Any time you sign a document at the DMV, a marriage license, court records, county records, property documents with the city, loan documents, and a myriad of others, the information becomes public.  This used to be quite tedious to find someone by journeying to City Hall or the library's records, but online data giants have changed all the rules.

Stalk yourself for free here:
Sites which give more information usually cost money.

It is easy, legal, and often free to find
Your full name
Address, former addresses
Phone number
Email address
Online alias

July 22, 2011

Special invitation

How special and desired ought I feel if I receive a wedding invitation -via facebook- precisely 31 hours before the event?

"Not Attending."

Cute gesture, but something tells me I wasn't thought of four months ago when the paper invitations were sent via snail mail.  I'd rather not be a seat filler for the real guests who could not make an appearance.

A safe rule:  If you have a gift registry, your event is important enough to mail out paper invites.

Nonetheless, I cheerfully and genuinely congratulated the bride and groom.

July 20, 2011

Sephora service and employee Alyssa Magee: A RoseBark Review

To:  Sephora Client Services From: rose   Sent: Jul 17, 2011 3:41:09 PM  
Subject: compliment/complaint

I'd like to take a moment and tell you about a -beyond- stellar experience I had at your store in JCP in Salem Center, Salem, Oregon.

What made it great?   Two words: Alyssa Magee.  She was phenomenal.

I arrived to Sephora nervous; I'd not worn makeup in over a decade. She greeted me with cheerful warmth and I instantly relaxed. I needed assistance with makeup for an underwater photo shoot and was a fish out of water. She looked at prior uw photographs on my laptop, asked pertinent questions, and gave me solid advice on both product and method of application. THANK GOD I was gifted with her expertise! She patiently coached me through application, reapplication, and re-re-re-reapplication of the pink cheek blush (?).

I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized the sample container of makeup remover she gave me was nearly full.

I just finished a three day photo shoot. The pictures are stellar. The makeup worked nearly perfectly, the photographer is thrilled, and Alyssa is my hero.