March 22, 2010

Internationally published

I am fortunate to have some of my translation work published in an international photojournalism magazine, Revista Nuestra Mirada.  This online edition focuses on Buenos Aires, and is a collection of work from the best resident authors and photographers.

I translated with writing guru Marke (CS, OKC).  Working with Argentine Spanish certainly made for a good bit of animated late-night discussion between us. 

The magazine Revista Nuestra Mirada and its parent source Nuestra Mirada are the brainchild of Pablo Corral.  He's a celebrated photographer and, I'm blessed to say, friend of mine.

Nuestra Mirada means "Our perspective / viewpoint."  The under-girding concept of Nuestra Mirada is to have a space specifically created for professional photojournalists who live in Spanish speaking countries.  In a world of English-dominated journalism, I think this is simply wonderful.

The next magazine on Mexico City will be out shortly -
Take a look at my article and around the site!

March 21, 2010

When I became proud to be an American

By Rose Barker
(Side note: Check out the new Matt Damon movie “Green Zone.”)

I starkly remember the moment I was first proud to be an American.
I was sitting in a blue plastic child's chair and fixated on the television.
Sandy from playing on the beach, suntanned, and salty. Curious, eager, and excited. And 26 years old.

In March of 2003 I cried and shook when Bush announced his 48 hour ultimatum to Hussein. I was in the middle of a Spanish class in Oaxaca, Mexico. I didn't eat for a day.

There were street demonstrations, people passionate and enraged that we Americans were asserting “our” power in a place we had no business. I was terrified when 19 boys cornered me in the center square. One teen began screaming at me. “Don't you get it? You Americans have no right! You are killing people! You are killing freedom!” He lunged toward me, and others in the group held him from attacking me.

“You don't understand,” I said with an even tone, masking my fear. “Were you at the protest yesterday? Did you read the paper? I was the gringa behind the megaphone, I was the one saying how only half the Americans voted him into office, and that means only half of us support the war. And I was the one vehemently agreeing with the United Nations and disagreeing with his policies and presidency!”


March 17, 2010

Gardening Tip #4: Hot pink rubber gloves

I hate pink. But I saw these jewels in the store and had to have 'em.

Buy brightly colored rubber coated gloves.

The rubber coating is awesome for several reasons. It substantially minimizes callouses. It keeps your fingers much drier and almost completely clean when compared to fabric gloves. And it insulates from the cold, wet dirt in your garden.

My favorite brand:  Atlas.  $3-5, and worth it.

Why pink or red? To not lose them in your garden clippings.
Purchase a pair with uncoated fabric on the back of the hand. This allows for breathing during warm weather.
Size them comfortably snug. Less dirt will get in. and buy name brand - They will fit better and last longer. I promise.

* Note the quality clippers from last week's post and the fragrant Daphne flowers you found in my shot glass from my bad hangover

DISCLAIMER:  In this photo I am wearing "The Joy of Gardening" gloves.  I found them to be of amazingly inferior quality.  I have written Fred Meyer and Kroger, their parent companies, listing my grievances.  I will post my complaint and their reply in several weeks.

Remember: The more comfortable and sexy your gardening tools are, the more gumption you'll have to brave the weather and actually start beautifying!

feel free to comment with your gardening questions!
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March 1, 2010

Viral videos & African alcohol

Remember the viral Youtube video on the animals in Africa who eat fermenting fruit and become "drunk?"
They are eating a fruit called marula.  It's amusing and cute to watch the animals stumble about.

On my most recent trip I went to Arizona.  I visited a dear CouchSurfing friend, Amanda.  We had a grand time with each other.  Small world - a mutual CS friend, Lady Ri, lives in Africa.  She came to the US.  And she brought a bottle of amarula, a liquer made from the marula fruit.

And there I sat in Amanda's living room, sipping a deliciously sweet treat akin to... perhaps Bailey's.  We laughed, toasted to Ri, and enjoyed life together.

Gardening Tip #3: Unfortunately time to weed.

Weed.  Four letter word.
Weeding.  Definition:  misery, drudgery, and dirty fingernails.  (Although they stay clean if you wear rubber coated gardening gloves!)

Not Weeding.
Phrase denotes:  20 times the amount of weeds next year. 
Phrase connotes:  Get your butt in gear now to spare MUCH more misery next year.

We've had a warm spring.  Weeds are now going to seed (the seed pods are opening and releasing seeds).  The sooner you weed, the less you'll have to do next year.

Remember:  Get the roots.  If you do not, your efforts are in vain.  Tip: You can spear your shovel down to loosen the dirt and then reach for the root ball.  Tip: If you have many weeds in a concentrated area, scrape the top layer of the dirt off, sift the weeds out, and leave as much dirt as possible on the ground.

If you are too lazy to weed, consider using a product like Round-Up.  I STRONGLY encourage you to weed.  More chemicals = unhealthy water supply = unhealthy you.  Also, you must use Round-Up before the weeds start to seed.  Round-Up takes time *up to two weeks) to kill the weed, and the expensive product is a waste if the plant is already spreading its joy.  Heh.

What have we learned today, boys and girls?  A four letter word that is not so nasty after all.  Weed.

feel free to comment with your gardening questions!
Green Thumb Archives

Gardening Tip #1:  Out with the Old
Gardening Tip #2:  Quality (Pruners Clippers)
Gardening Tip #3:  Unfortunately time to weed
Gardening Tip #4:  Hot pink rubber gloves
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Gardening Tip #6:  Get rid of Aphids naturally