March 22, 2010

Internationally published

I am fortunate to have some of my translation work published in an international photojournalism magazine, Revista Nuestra Mirada.  This online edition focuses on Buenos Aires, and is a collection of work from the best resident authors and photographers.

I translated with writing guru Marke (CS, OKC).  Working with Argentine Spanish certainly made for a good bit of animated late-night discussion between us. 

The magazine Revista Nuestra Mirada and its parent source Nuestra Mirada are the brainchild of Pablo Corral.  He's a celebrated photographer and, I'm blessed to say, friend of mine.

Nuestra Mirada means "Our perspective / viewpoint."  The under-girding concept of Nuestra Mirada is to have a space specifically created for professional photojournalists who live in Spanish speaking countries.  In a world of English-dominated journalism, I think this is simply wonderful.

The next magazine on Mexico City will be out shortly -
Take a look at my article and around the site!

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