March 21, 2013

Goal: Note each flower species in my hometown when I see it bloom. (Naturally flowering, not recently planted from the grocery store)  Wish me luck.

I live in the Willamette Valley, which runs from Portland, Or. to Eugene, Or., parallel to the Pacific Ocean Climate zone: 3. Plant hardiness: 8b. Marine Westcoast Climate (Cfb)

Week of February 17
Primroses (I've only seen one; it was planted in a school's flowerbed)
I smell the delicious wafts of pollen! I'm excited for spring-
The city looks stark. The trees are brown and barren. No sign of spring on their branches.

Week of February 24
Paperwhites (bulb, 4-12", 5+ small white bells)
Crocus (bulb, 3-6", royal purple and white)
Valley Valentine (by my parents' mailbox)
Daisies, field (1-2")
Dandelions (1-2")
Forget-Me-Nots  (6-12")
Hellebore  (1-2')
Ready to pop: Daffodils
We've had a few beautiful warm days. The trees are still gray and gaunt.

Week of March 3
Daphne  (shrub, 1-5')
Daffodils  (bulb, 8-16")
Daisies, giant  (14"-40")
Camilla shrubs (3-15')
Vinca  (Vine ground cover, purple, 2-4")

Week of March 10  (8th:  Eugene)
TWO cherry trees opened!  I'm thrilled!
Tulip magnolia, star magnolia (Tree)
PJM rhody (shrub, 2-5')
Forsythia (shrub, bright yellow, 3-6')
I'm excited when I see tulip stalks poking their way up!

Week of March 17  (17th: Shamrock Run - PDX)
The entire city has erupted in cherry blossoms.  The capitol mall is beautiful.  (!!!)
Magnolias trees are in full bloom.
A very cold week.  Frozen car in the morning, blustery stormy days.

Week of March 24   (Spring Break)
(Texas bluebells?  Orange bush at Wunc's, white shrub at mom's)
I saw a green tulip head. (!)
I drove to Eugene last weekend.  Daffodils are in the highway median, scattered and wild, and overwhelmingly beautiful.

OH NO!  Weeks of entries were somehow deleted by our friends at :(  And today I learned that they do not save revision histories.
I'm not sure how to recouperate the notes...

April 7
* Wallflower -delicate dark purple leaf
* Crane's Bell

April 14
*  Dogwood

April 21
* Wild Rose (Approx)
* X berry Azaelia
* Colombine

April 28 
Golden Chain tree
Wild foxglove******
Perennial Salvia (spiky purple)

May 5  (Here with Carol - mothers day)
Jupiter's Beard

May 12

May 19  (Cold, wet week)
Water Iris (3 buds)

Soon:  Canterberry bells