April 28, 2009

End of April: A super short blog update...

All -
I am well.
As is life, I have both wonderful and challenging events happening every day.

I apologize for being out of touch. My life has been extremely busy. I have two jobs... erm, had two jobs... I was actually "fired" from one job because they found out I was going to quit! (Read below)

My other job, Wall Street, is excellent. It is actually the best job I've ever had. More details are in my blog.

Speaking of my BLOG, I've finally been updating it! I've posted 9 new entries backdated from December 26 to February 4. Be sure to scroll back through the pages to catch the newer posts.

I am editing 19 more blogs... Hopefully I will have another large batch ready in two weeks. I fell so far behind that I felt too overwhelmed to continue. But now that I only have one job... I have time to catch up on my blog!

If you would like details of what occurred at my former job, please read the email I sent you. I am not giving details of what occurred to the public nor any friends in Ecuador. En fin: We had disagreements about what they ought to honor in our verbal contract. Note to self: Never work on a verbal contract, ever, ever again. I was extremely disappointed to leave my students and colleagues. More details to come...

And what am I up to now, you ask? Well, my mum is coming here in less than a week! I'm headed to Quito on Friday to meet up with friends, Salsa dance, look into options for my visa, buy medication, and otherwise get out of Manta. (see blog.) I will pick her up in Quito on May 5, her birthday. Awesome.

I'll be back in Manta in two weeks.

And then I'm headed to Colombia. (It's about 90% certain.) I'll be traveling with two Argentinians and an American... More specifically, Cristian and Agustina, both Couch Surfers, and Laura Love, another CS member from Salem, Oregon!!! (I hope all the details work out.)

I have heard so many wonderful stories from gringos and Latinos about how wonderful Colombia is. People feel safer there than Manta. And everyone speaks of its immense beauty.

(GRANDMA: Don't read the next paragraphs! I love you!!!)

PLEASE DO NOT write me telling horror stories of kidnapping and otherwise negative news.
I don't believe it's any more dangerous than where I live. I live right next to a police station (thank god.)

Even still, last week two blocks from my house a man and woman were robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. Many people saw it. Two weeks ago, four blocks from my house, a guy was shot outside a night club because a man saw him looking at his girlfriend. And last week two doctors were shot at the hospital because a family was mad that the doctors could not save the life of their relative.

So I'm not too concerned about what's in Colombia.

I love you so much.
Please do understand if I am not able to reply to your notes in a rapid manner. I'm doing my best to keep my head above water.

Love you so much -


My Easter Sunday was spent back at the organic farm. I was training tomatoes in a greenhouse while talking to God about life. It was a good Easter.