June 30, 2010

Spandex and Such

In four short weeks I begin a bike ride.  To end Multiple Sclerosis.  The MS150.  That's big news.

MS sucks.  Biking 83 miles in the Colombia Gorge is good.  Your $5 donation is great.

--  I am asking everyone I know to donate at least $5 to the MS Society right now.  And it's tax deductible! --

(More info at

June 29, 2010

My Hot Pink Stilettos

Did you know that "stiletto" means dagger?  I learned that today.  (Thanks, Google.)
Tall shoes aren't stilettos.  Pointy ones are stilettos.

Well, my new salsa shoes are 4.75" tall, and the base is .7 cm wide.  That, my friend, is a stiletto by any definition. They sparkle bubblegum pink on the inside.  And they're strappy and sassy on the outside.


How it works:
I only wear them salsa dancing.

Because of the odd demands of dancing, it is necessary to have a strap all the way around the ankle to keep the shoe on.  I looked for this style in about 10 stores, and only found options in GenX on Lancaster.  Thank god for the Latino store!

When dancing, we don't rest on our heels.  We dance on the balls of our feet.  This means it's not very important how tall the shoe is, nor that one balance on the heel.  I spent time in the shoes (dancing in the back of the store), and they are well made - I can easily balance in them while standing. Walking is, however, a new art to learn.  Now I understand why supermodels walk the way they do.  They need to keep their COG headed in a straight line and not 4" to the right and left of their belly button like we normally walk.

I told my Gramma I bought 5" heals.  Her reply surprised me.  "OH, Rose!  That's great!  I used to wear heals like that.  But I was 5'2".  I was short.  I used to walk up and down a huge hill every day in Tacoma wearing mine.  So I know how it is."  I showed her the photo of the shoe above.  "Wow, Rose.  Are they ever sexy!?!"  (Did I ever mention to you how cool my Gramma is?)

(Pic of me wearing them below...)

June 10, 2010

Power in "We" - 18 gather for 87.

rockaway Beach  for Grandma's 87th Birthday -   an excerpt from my journal.  Warning:  Improper English.

The weather was perfect - it hardly rained.

We went on walks and sat in the sun.  We chatted about nothing and napped in the recliners.  We watched the seals poke their heads above the surf and watched the sun break through the clouds and create a halo on the water.  We played cards, drank beer, and rested.  We teased and harassed, wrestled and massaged.

Heather painted our fingernails pink.  Mine!  Even mine.  (FYI:  I rather detest pink.  Photo below.)  We took a photo of Grandma and I showing off our nails together.  It was truly a momentous occasion to share.

We played the Green Tree Room and talked about eating pelicans, and about islands.  And learned Rob, Jonathan, & Annette never could find the King and Queen.

Laurel and Erin kindly gave way and allowed us 16 to choose where WE wanted to sleep...  They took the left-overs. (I was so grateful!)

We are hurting.  Many of us are suffering in some way.  I cry as I write this - because I saw consoling, compassion, and love.  These moments were both corporate and private.  And I experienced them powerfully.  (Thank you, J & J!)  We are so blessed to have each other.

(See photo below.)