June 29, 2010

My Hot Pink Stilettos

Did you know that "stiletto" means dagger?  I learned that today.  (Thanks, Google.)
Tall shoes aren't stilettos.  Pointy ones are stilettos.

Well, my new salsa shoes are 4.75" tall, and the base is .7 cm wide.  That, my friend, is a stiletto by any definition. They sparkle bubblegum pink on the inside.  And they're strappy and sassy on the outside.


How it works:
I only wear them salsa dancing.

Because of the odd demands of dancing, it is necessary to have a strap all the way around the ankle to keep the shoe on.  I looked for this style in about 10 stores, and only found options in GenX on Lancaster.  Thank god for the Latino store!

When dancing, we don't rest on our heels.  We dance on the balls of our feet.  This means it's not very important how tall the shoe is, nor that one balance on the heel.  I spent time in the shoes (dancing in the back of the store), and they are well made - I can easily balance in them while standing. Walking is, however, a new art to learn.  Now I understand why supermodels walk the way they do.  They need to keep their COG headed in a straight line and not 4" to the right and left of their belly button like we normally walk.

I told my Gramma I bought 5" heals.  Her reply surprised me.  "OH, Rose!  That's great!  I used to wear heals like that.  But I was 5'2".  I was short.  I used to walk up and down a huge hill every day in Tacoma wearing mine.  So I know how it is."  I showed her the photo of the shoe above.  "Wow, Rose.  Are they ever sexy!?!"  (Did I ever mention to you how cool my Gramma is?)

(Pic of me wearing them below...)

My old shoes were killing me.  Although only 2.75" tall, I taped up with sports athletic tape every night before dancing.  And although these new shoes are much better, as with any shoe of their stature, they will bring... ahem... Blisters.
After a few hours of dancing in my new shoes, I busted out my moves in bare feet :)  Which was awesome.

If you ever wish to see me wearing them, you'll have to come out salsa dancing.  First and third Fridays at El Patron (Club Azzucar) in Salem.  And perhaps at Salsa en la Calle on August 29 :)

Bring on the Band-aids!


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2010

    Hey, they are gorgeous. Go, girl.

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  3. I'm rockin' them. For the first time in my life I went to a Salsa club and was the sexiest girl there. Even the women were complimenting me! (Aztec Willie's on Colombian night)

    Thank you for your words!
    -La Rosita