June 10, 2010

Power in "We" - 18 gather for 87.

rockaway Beach  for Grandma's 87th Birthday -   an excerpt from my journal.  Warning:  Improper English.

The weather was perfect - it hardly rained.

We went on walks and sat in the sun.  We chatted about nothing and napped in the recliners.  We watched the seals poke their heads above the surf and watched the sun break through the clouds and create a halo on the water.  We played cards, drank beer, and rested.  We teased and harassed, wrestled and massaged.

Heather painted our fingernails pink.  Mine!  Even mine.  (FYI:  I rather detest pink.  Photo below.)  We took a photo of Grandma and I showing off our nails together.  It was truly a momentous occasion to share.

We played the Green Tree Room and talked about eating pelicans, and about islands.  And learned Rob, Jonathan, & Annette never could find the King and Queen.

Laurel and Erin kindly gave way and allowed us 16 to choose where WE wanted to sleep...  They took the left-overs. (I was so grateful!)

We are hurting.  Many of us are suffering in some way.  I cry as I write this - because I saw consoling, compassion, and love.  These moments were both corporate and private.  And I experienced them powerfully.  (Thank you, J & J!)  We are so blessed to have each other.

(See photo below.)

Mental Images
Jane's pumpkin squares.  The hippie dress at the vintage store.  Dry hamburgers redeemed by Tillamook Pepper White Cheddar Cheese.  Grandma's black and pink slip-on shoes, and her $200 story.  And her hair was extra extra pink, too.

Grandma is healthy and happy, rolling her eyes at our ridiculous behavior during our ridiculous games.

We love Grandma.

I replay the weekend in my mind.  I look at the interaction of our family and view innumerable hugs.  What a gift it is, that we have each other, and we have each other to hug.  It makes me tear up.

In the end, what made this weekend wonderful?

(We missed you, Rob, Rose & Claire, Lisa, Fergus, Mia, Santiago, Ann, and more!)


  1. Who snuck Grandma that beer! Classic. Great post. Great times. Thanks for sharing Rose.

  2. hilarious :) i love the picture of the granny at the end :D