March 17, 2010

Gardening Tip #4: Hot pink rubber gloves

I hate pink. But I saw these jewels in the store and had to have 'em.

Buy brightly colored rubber coated gloves.

The rubber coating is awesome for several reasons. It substantially minimizes callouses. It keeps your fingers much drier and almost completely clean when compared to fabric gloves. And it insulates from the cold, wet dirt in your garden.

My favorite brand:  Atlas.  $3-5, and worth it.

Why pink or red? To not lose them in your garden clippings.
Purchase a pair with uncoated fabric on the back of the hand. This allows for breathing during warm weather.
Size them comfortably snug. Less dirt will get in. and buy name brand - They will fit better and last longer. I promise.

* Note the quality clippers from last week's post and the fragrant Daphne flowers you found in my shot glass from my bad hangover

DISCLAIMER:  In this photo I am wearing "The Joy of Gardening" gloves.  I found them to be of amazingly inferior quality.  I have written Fred Meyer and Kroger, their parent companies, listing my grievances.  I will post my complaint and their reply in several weeks.

Remember: The more comfortable and sexy your gardening tools are, the more gumption you'll have to brave the weather and actually start beautifying!

feel free to comment with your gardening questions!
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  1. When gardening I like to feel the mud and the plants, get some calluses and maybe even get a few scratches, so no pink rubber gloves for me:).

  2. I quite understand. I didn't use them for years.

    If I'm doing light yardwork for a short time, I sometimes still go without gloves.

    But if I am working with sharp or pokey plants, gloves.
    And if it's wet outside, gloves. (Otherwise the hands dry out.)
    And if I'm pruning a lot, gloves.
    (avoid the blisters.)

    In the end, bare hands are lovely, but not conducive to heavy-duty gardening.

    Thanks for commenting on this!