July 23, 2011

Your "private" information is everywhere online - Start removing it here.

At the end of this message you will find links to some of the larger data mining companies, and directions on how to remove your profile. 

I'd like to clue you in on an already giant establishment:  The information you deem private is often public.
And often you would prefer this information never be shown, much less be searchable in a dozen giant databases, and only costing $2 for any stalker to find. "Identity Management Companies" are considered the modern phone book, and they're offering any information you provide.

We know that the information we post on facebook is public.  But what about city and government records?  Any time you sign a document at the DMV, a marriage license, court records, county records, property documents with the city, loan documents, and a myriad of others, the information becomes public.  This used to be quite tedious to find someone by journeying to City Hall or the library's records, but online data giants have changed all the rules.

Stalk yourself for free here:
Sites which give more information usually cost money.

It is easy, legal, and often free to find
Your full name
Address, former addresses
Phone number
Email address
Online alias

Siblings, parents, relatives, spouses, and spouses' families
All of their addressesEmployers and former employers (facebook)

And the list goes on.

What can you do?  Honestly, not too much.

You can pay a service like about $80/year to continue cleaning all sites they service.

You can opt out of all the sites you find on Google, but it's tedious to jump through hoops, and when new "public records" appear, they apply the new information to your empty profile.

Here are a list of entities I've come across.  The links I provided redirect to homepage and the page leading toward profile removal.  Please note that there are now dozens of these companies present on the web, and this is only a list of some of the largest.


Spokeo   (removal by looking up your profile's details and id, and requesting deletion.)

People Smart   (removal by finding your profile's details, and requesting deletion.)

MyLife    (removal is straightforward by calling 888-704-1900)

Peekyou   (removal by looking up your profile's details and id, and requesting deletion.)

Entities which we cannot remove a public profile without faxing and/or mailing in a partial copy of driver's license  (I've not completed this yet)

Intelius   (fax only)  Removal information here

US Search
(fax or mail)  Search for yourself here, then follow directions.

I hope you found this helpful.  Good luck in your endeavors, and until you hide your profile....  I know where to find you!

- Miss Rose

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