August 1, 2011

Awesomeness at Reed's Dairy and Idaho Falls, Idaho: A RoseBark Review

Looking for a pastoral getaway in the USA? And fresh, homemade, local ice cream? Look no further, humans, because Idaho Falls, Idaho and Reed's Dairy have got it handled. 

16 spoons and a $2.60 cone

I came out to Idaho to visit my cousin Jonathan.  Life is idyllic here - lush landscape, many local parks, inexpensive family activities, and an interactive community.

I anticipated being bored in this small town, but instead am overwhelmed with fantastic activities. I boated Ririe Reservoir on a pristine day with Crystal, Brian, and friends (the grill melted the plastic dock), I learned new skills playing disc golf at Freeman Park by Idaho State University (rained out), I found that Idaho Falls Nazarene is full of kindness (Bob's a great pastor and amusing speaker), I watched as a snake literally float down the Snake River at the Green Belt (and disappeared soon after), I took the short drive to Lava Hot Springs and had much fun (innertubing down river rapids, too!), and today I'm elated to have visited Reed's Dairy (about $2.60 for an insanely huge "single" scoop).

Thanks, cousin, for a being a fantastic host and friend.

On our way to Idaho...  Double-double animal style.
Sarah's Candy Cottage


This is an email I just sent Reed's Dairy. [edited]-

You are awesomeness.
I'm an Oregon gal, a land full of local dairies and delicious ice cream, and I can firmly attest that you are awesomeness.

Your pal Gavin told me I could taste every ice cream flavor you offer... And I did, except for the imminently icky pink bubble gum.  He helped me through all of the colorful tubs, one heaping spoonful lined up and ready for me to taste before I could finish the prior.  The girls told him to slow down - but his infectious enthusiasm and passion to show me your creations made everyone happy.
I tried all 17 flavors, and the photo proves it.  (Only 16 pictured - I could only make it through half the banana spoon before Gavin rescued me.)

To be honest, when he mentioned that he's the owners' son (or grandson?), I was delighted - this means you have a stellar advocate who is passionate for all you do.  What a blessing.

Thanks for a fantastic experience.
My cousin Jonathan and his friend Frank visit often, and guys like Gavin guarantee Idaho Falls locals will continue to "drag" in tourists like me.

Blessings -
Miss Rose

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