February 5, 2012

Nov 6 - Nov 15: Cuernavaca, aloneness, and Int'l live party

November 13
‎...That heaviness that only a hug can fix.
Not logic, not prayer, not exercise, not chocolate.
This volunteer/NGO family is kind and affectionate, but hugs are different when they come from a person who deeply knows you. I'm trying to convince my mom to come visit me in February :) (And airfare is only $300 or so, y'all!)

November 12
NGO getaway: Cuernavaca, Mexico.
This morning I woke up, sunbathed in my bikini, and swam in a pool surrounded by a lush garden of flowers and mandarin trees. We all eat vegetarian goodness. The poinsettia is easily 12' tall.
My new friends/family/coworkers are a star-studded cast of brilliant, adorable dorks. (I fit in in my own way!) I am tremendously blessed to be welcomed into the family.
And in an hour we will walk down the street to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
:) No complaints from Mexico!

Productive day working hard - researching, creating a bit of structure for future IU interns, and studying. Oh, in my bikini by the poolside eating too many mandarins we picked from the plentiful nearby trees yesterday.
Here's to working remotely!
I love my netbook, and am so grateful I brought my work to Cuernavaca.
Thanks in advance for telling me you're jealous. :)I got barely crisped today. Yummmmm. (Yes, Mom, I wear sunscreen on most of my body.)

November 10
In 4 days I've seen
0 cockroaches but about
25 potato bugs (rolly-pollys)

Yet another unexpected find in Mexico City.  My roommate calls them an "infestation."
This afternoon's snack?
Peanut butter and honey on... warmed flour tortillas. mmmm.
And one of the guys who lives here always puts mayo on his tortillas. Em, yuck.

November 9
Ever have one of those days where you wake up and simply feel... extra insecure?
Today was a good day overall, but my brain kept sending me false messages about being rejected or disliked in a dozen different forms. Odd.
It caught me off guard because I know that I know I am doing what I am supposed to be, and I feel fulfilled and at peace with my life path.

Really, really rough day. The feeling of deep dread that something bad is about to happen...

...It seems my principle paranoia issues were resolved... Everyone communicated that they love me and want my attention, and without me even asking! :)
For better or worse, I'm able to recognize them from the periods of deep depression I survived. During those seasons, I felt like no one liked me, and thought friends just wanted to get rid of me. I always worried I would get fired. It was awful.
And it was odd to feel these feelings today, when I am so secure in my place in this community!
I also LOVE 10 statements of gratitude. I'll do it before I sleep.
Thank you for reminding me of the Four Agreements. I am queen of assuming people are giving me an underlying message - Today I will work toward "Taking nothing personally."

And it was at 3:19 am I recalled - I used to travel with Gas-X. The cook said the beans didn't cause gas. The house's smell proves otherwise. I'm sleeping in a mummy sleeping bag all alone. The air is a bit trapped. :/
There are scorpions.
Note to self: Do not stick hand into dark corners or unknown spaces. Just today I was wondering why their shoe racks are elevated. I think I just discovered the reason.
Zach got bit by one. He says it felt like a fire ant. And then he had problems breathing.

November 6
4:00 pm: Arrive to Isla Urbana.
4:02 pm: Walk out the door to attend a live televised event which was a contest between NGO initiatives in Mexico.
The President spoke. The president of the country. And we had live music with contemporary, popular bands.

And a sister NGO to Isla Urbana, Biobolsa, won second place... About $700,000! (They equip farmers to drain animal poo into a giant bag, and the gas produced fuels the kitchen, and the remainder is fantastic fertilizer.)
The after party was quite the party.

Sistema Biobolsa « Instituto Internacional de Recursos Renovables | IRRI México

Un Biodigestor es una cámara hermética diseñada para tratar desechos orgánicos volátiles utilizando bacterias anaerobias, convirtiéndolos en abono.

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