February 10, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 16

I've been sorting many things out.

I'm still not sleeping deeply until about 6am and can be awfully crabby when I only have a few  hours of solid sleep.   Today I decided to not eat chocolate after 5 pm in case the caffeine is keeping me awake.

Here's my current diet:  Fridge is devoid of veggies and fruits.  Yesterday I ate most of a box of sweet potato soup with a can of corn and pecans mixed in (YUM!).  I also ate several slices of GH 9 grain.  BORING.  Not fresh.  Little variety.  Devoid of most nutrients.  Where are the raw nuts?  The leafy greens?  Pastas and grains?  Not on my plate :(  I did eat a few Cheetos, though!  :)

Tomorrow I will go to Life Source and bulk up on veggies.  My goal is to make as many "green smoothies" in one week as possible.   See below for my direct inspiration - Listening to Robert O. Young's hour on The Great Health Debate.  Overall, I think he's silly.  He measures all kinds of body stats with tools all day long.  And then he takes doses of tablets to balance himself out.  It seems way too unnatural for me.

He said his favorite green drink is 24-48 oz per day: kale, cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley. The blender y'all gave me for my birthday will sure come in handy!

He also says that avocados are the perfect food.  They're balanced in fats and nutrients.  He eats 3-6 per day.  Read more below.

Favorite food and off-diet:  A large spinach - olive oil - pesto - fresh Parmesan cheese salad for lunch.  And I had a nonfat blackberry yogurt for breakfast at Mom's for lack of better options than more bread and another orange.

One more day complete, albeit not very well!

Robert O. Young
"The PH Miracle"

He strongly believes we do not need to eat protein.  Olympic athletes only need 5g / day.
Rather, alkaline salts.  They are our life source.

Table salt is chemically altered and has chemicals added into it.  Rock salts are good.
He says it is essential that vegans and vegetarians take it as a supplement.

He believes in the vegan diet, but not the vegetarian diet.  He says most of both of these have too much fruit sugars, honey, agave, chocolate, raw chocolate...  There is no such thing as a healthy chocolate or sugar.  All sugars are toxic to the body.

These must be managed if you want sustainable energy.

He things avocado is basically the perfect food.  He eats 3-6 a day.  Athletes eat 12-18 per day.  Calories come from fats.  Our bodies need fats to bind acidity and to build membranes for our cells.

Our stomachs produce acid, which is secreted in our saliva, which breaks down our food.

His favorite drink:
24-48 oz of green drink a day, Kale, cucumber spinach, celery, parsley
Plus 4 liters of water PH adjusted 9.5 with concentrated grasses - wheat barley dog straw kamut.
And also eat a lot of avocado cucumber, broccoli, celery.

Tomato, lemon, and lime are not acid in the way we think of them because their bicarbonate salts outbalance their acid.

The acids of bananas and pineapples are greater than their alkalizing minerals. 


His "eliminations" are green - he says our stool should not be brown nor smell.

We're alkaline by design - 7. alkaline when born.
We're 90% water when born, 7% fat.  Newborn babies smell sweet and have nearly odorless feces.
1-2% minerals.
Where's the sugar and protein?  less than 1%.
Babies are healthy. 

We're only as healthy as our blood is.

We run on electrolytes, not sugar or protein.
Agave and fructose, dairy, fruit sugars (only some fruits), soy sauces and fermented foods are loaded with acid and are toxic to the body.  This is one of the major problems of a vegan / vegetarian diets.

Meats and animal protein  secrete four toxic acids while we are attempting to digest them.

Eat foods that are green.
Water - pure and clean, free of chloride, flouride, prescription drugs.  Structured.  He measures it in many ways - millivolts, ph of 9.5, electrical potential -250 mv.


  1. BTW, I bought a few tablespoons of spirulina from the bulk herbs bins at the health food store a couple of days ago. Been putting a teaspoon or two in my green smoothie (almond or rice milk, bananas, spinach) the past couple of days, and to my surprise I really like it!

    That green drink that Young likes may be pretty stout. There is not much in there to balance out the taste of the greens like apple or carrot or beet, etc. Try a little bit before you lock in on which veggies you buy in force. It may take some gradual adjustment before you come to enjoy it...

    This is extremely helpful information. You anticipated what I planned on posting on FB - asking what people's favorite additives are.

    I'm calling you for blender advice in a moment :)

  3. well, I completely agree with the avocado idea!!! whenever I am pregnant, it is ALL I want to eat, and if I do, I feel GREAT!!! I will eat them anytime, but pregnant, seriously, at least a dozen a week!