February 18, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 25. Quinoa = sweet success

Thankfully, today was an easier day.  I finally finished all but one green smoothie from four days ago by adding V8 fruit juice.   Sigh.  I suppose I ought not feel too bad.  Any step forward is a good step forward in this journey!

Favorite dish of the day:  Quinoa and steamed veggies.  The Quinoa grain is surprisingly sweet, and quite simple to make.  (Similar to rice)  Quinoa is, by all accounts, a powerful grain.  It's full of protein.  I'm sorry I didn't begin to eat it sooner.

Off diet:  Leftover french toast from Word of Mouth Cafe from yesterday :)

I'm sick.  With a bad cold.  Ironically, the cold came on the day I was eating the very healthiest ever, and after several days of eating completely within the dietary restrictions.  Interesting.  Yes, drinking volumes of fluids, ginger, honey, lemon juice, et all. Tonight, I will sleep with my new friend NyQuil.  Screw all the health nuts who think pharmaceuticals are the death of us all.  For me, may God bless them for giving me sleep.

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  1. i love dr weil . . . here's his take on natural sleep aids if you are interested in venturing even further in to my world.

    muah ha ha ha!!!