February 8, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 14 - A Review

Wow. I survived my two weeks. And I decided I'm going to continue on.

My pain level has been much better in the last three days... And three days ago I received a massage.  Yes, massage eliminates much of my pain, albeit temporarily.
My sleep cycle is still awful.  I began taking Melatonin 5 days ago.  Hopefully in several weeks I will be sleeping better.
Overall, I lost about three pounds. I need to find a way to chug non-sugar calories. Coconut milk is a new-found friend. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it other than chug it straight.

Best Food and Off-diet: SUSHI! I attended a huge birthday party with good friends and a sushi feed. I ate seared tuna and salmon, and dabs of cream cheese. And I do not feel guilty at all!  That brownie after dinner, however...  I don't feel guilty about that, either.  Happy birthday, Trav! I will be introducing fish into my diet this week.

A short review:

- I learned I really need to look at my diet carefully and realize it's much more complicated to eat correctly than I first thought. My goal is to do a good job. That is, a better job than I've done in the past, and to continue to improve.

- I learned that two weeks of vegetables, fruits, and grains is simply not long enough.  My body needs to flush out toxins, re-balance, and begin to store up the nutrients I recently began feeding it.  In two more weeks I'll reevaluate. 

- I learned about inflammatory night shade vegetables.* Potatoes and tomatoes? They were making my diet tolerable! I guess it's rice for me. I need to research and find out if other tubers are night shade too.

- I learned that foods lose their nutrition within a few days of being harvested.* I now buy produce for the week, and journey more frequently to the veggie stand.

- Pasteurizing juice and beverages also kills nutrients and essential enzymes, acids, and life. Eat fresh, local, raw, and organic as often as possible.

Lesson learned: Balance
I'm going to do my best in choosing foods and not stress too much.

Here's to two weeks of life!
* I'm not going to continue to tediously re-link the same articles... Please review older posts.


  1. have fun on this journey! it's so exciting! i am LOVING my journey of discovery too!

  2. I think the goal of aiming to improve and learn bit by bit, without stressing about it too much is a great goal! Yes, food affects the body, but so does stressing out. Some "health nuts" seem to have missed that lesson by the looks of how up-tight they are about everything!