February 9, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 15

I spent the entire day over at Mom's, and am suffering being away from my pantry. I am bored with lack of food options and did not eat a sufficient amount today.

Best food: Mom's peaches. YUM. That being said, they're likely packed with sugars.

Today on The Great Health Debate* a doctor spoke about fruit sugars, and how they cause people's energy levels to crash like no tomorrow. I'd bet $20 that this is exactly what was happening during the stretch of my diet when I was catatonic. I was eating a diet highly constituted of fruit.

Note: I usually eat about 3g of sugar in my chocolate each day. A glass of juice has 45g of sugar! WOW! I ought to have paid more attention before. (I will not stop eating fruit or drinking 100% juice.)

Off-diet on accident today: My Trader Joe's Sweet Potato soup's secondary ingredient is potatoes. REALLY???  Mirrrrrr.

* I'm not going to continue to tediously re-link the same articles... Please review older posts.

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