January 20, 2011

RoseBark Reviews: Products, Services, and Places

Greetings, faithful readers!

I regularly write letters to companies when I have a very positive or negative experience.  I spent most of my employed career working in the customer service industry.  I firmly believe that one of the most helpful tools for a company to improve is to receive feedback.

With this in mind, I write diplomatic or, at times, very emotional letters to companies.  And they reply.  Sometimes I receive contact in 24 hours, but often they contact me after a week or three.  Or never.  In the last months, I always state that I write a blog with a large readership, and I will post the results of our communication on the blog.  That being said, they have endorsed everything I make public.

My purpose in posting the dialogs is principally this:  I believe good should be rewarded with good, and poor quality should be acknowledged as such.  I believe the public ought to have access to reviews for products, services, and places.  I had a particularly strong experience, and I want others to know about it.

I also take the time to post some of my reviews on public sites.  Stuart's Auto has my glowing review on both Google and Yahoo, amongst others.  I leave feedback on Ebay, general product review pages, and anywhere I believe it pertinent for the public to locate the valuable information. Most often, however, I simply write a letter and mail or email it off, never mentioning it again.  That, my friend, is what I intend to change.

I'll be archiving the reviews to one date within my blog (Like January 1, 2008).  Details to be posted.

Any thoughts?  Do you think this is appropriate?  Am I wasting my time by bothering to write them in the first place?

Miss Rose


Product 1:  Shick ST2 Slim Twin Razor, Sensitive for Men.

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