January 30, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 4

I am surviving, and quite well.  Thank you, Marke, for your guidance and tips.  (Do I really want to drink spinach, bananas, and water?  Juice makes so much more sense to my brain...)

Unfortunately my pain level has been rather tremendous.  Yesterday I could not turn my head and chat with the person sitting next to me at dinner because it hurt my neck and spine too much.  As the matter between my vertebrae degenerates, the joints become sticky and a few vertebrae are almost completely stuck together.
I've also been absolutely... asleep.  I don't feel exhaustion, just sleepiness.  I am attending a three day conference and have allowed myself to sleep many times between and during sessions.  I know I'm overtired, but this is quite abnormal for me.  I don't know that I can yet attribute it to the food.

Best food item of the day:  Dinner at Mario & Teo's wedding.  Why is it that traditional Mexican beans and rice are always way better than those from the US? Mmmmmmm.  I brought a wad of fresh tortillas home.

Off Diet - I skipped the meat, but poured the meat juice on my rice.  I still have not decided if it was worth it.  There.  I just decided.  It was.  :)

I'm off to focus on God at a conference held at Salem House of Prayer -


  1. For the record, I also suggested almond milk! Or if you wanted to get fancy you could break open a young thai coconut and use the coconut water, which is wonderful and has lots of good things in it, including electrolytes. But do whatever you like. It's your smoothie!

  2. ooooo brilliant idea. Thank you.