January 30, 2011

The Vegan Diet: Day 5

I swear this is the most boring interesting stream of thought I've ever blogged about - My vegan entries are mundane and poorly written, but intriguing to watch my struggle and personal issues surface as the journey continues.
Restorative Endocrinology + me (?).  My sister attended a wellness conference at Bethel Church in Redding this weekend.  I'm looking forward to taking with her about what she learned.  She is using dietary changes as one mode to address an illness she has.  She and her husband recently removed meat from their diet, and I'm sure it would be helpful to corroborate with a local, newly-vegetarian eater.

Best food item of the day:
Potato garlic onion curry.  Eric + Katy and James came over and we diced 5 POUNDS of potatoes.  I love leftovers.  We also diced... way too many onions.  Anyhow.  We boiled the potatoes and prepared half of them in a skillet.  One head of garlic and three onions later, we added in my curry powder and a can of coconut milk.  Yes, I'm proud that I own curry powder.  I see it as a sign of my kitchen prowess. 

:)  I've never purchased coconut milk, and James purchased an imported brand.  He mixed it with the curry powder,  and we had a thick, intensely currific sauce to pour onto the goodness.  Marke would be proud.  Because James purchased an extra can, and I'm going to do something with it.

The onion experiment:  I ended up with 5 quarts raw chopped onions after our preparation.  My friend Laura Love always tells me how amazingly nutritive and healing onions are.  And now I will eat them with a vengeance.

Dinner tonight:  Leftover Mexican from yesterday with loads of onions and extra garlic, and a wee chunk of ginger.

Off Diet -  One bite of James' concoction - exactly what I ate, but with chicken and ginger.  YUM.


  1. i put so much coconut milk in what i cook that jon has asked me "maybe we could try making dinner without coconut milk tonight?" ha ha!
    i LOVE it! and it's such a healthy fat!!!

  2. It's delightful. I was licking off the can. Hee hee hee... Fortunately I'm assuming that with all the sugar calories I'm cutting out, (at least one bowl of ice cream a day!) I'll need to find a calorie replacement system other than tons of juice.
    What are your easiest foods you use it with?
    (IE noodles, curry powder, and coconut milk is easy to me.)


  3. I like the coconut milk, too! I mostly have only used it in curry-type dishes or in smoothies, thought it may also have a place in certain soups or desserts?

  4. i almost always use it with curry - makes a great base for the sauce. i also add it instead to soups that call for cream. and to pies that call for condensed or evaporated milk. might work well in smoothies too.