January 5, 2011

I love you, Dave Ramsey!!! (Debt, food, and loans)

I just finished balancing my 2010 December and Q4 budget.

I worked more than double my scheduled hours in November, and the cash went directly to my university.  I'm proud of myself.

LESS THAN $400 to go on this loan!  It'll be paid off in APRIL!  I love you, Dave Ramsey!
Details on this loan

In 2010 I spent 296.25 on dining experiences including alcohol - all the food I ate which was not prepared at home. Average monthly spending: $24.70. Again, I'm proud of myself.

Dinner tonight: Wild salmon with fresh veggies, and rice noodles with pesto and sun dried tomato sauce. 

All the money I "saved" on meals (READ: Didn't spend) went directly to the Uni.
It takes determination, determination, and more determination.  I create boundaries for spending, bring snacks and prepared meals wherever I travel, and decide when it's ok to fudge and splurge.

When a friend said he is impressed with how precise I am in food budgeting:

Thanks to Marke McC for his Excel budget spreadsheet.  I'm happy to share it with you.  I update my budget every Tuesday (Banks clear weekend payments on Mondays.)  I save my receipts, and note when I pay cash.  I compare these with Debit and Credit spending.  I carry NO balance on my credit card - I just spend wads of money every month on it, but pay the balance BEFORE I ever spend the money.  REI rewards, here I come!

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