December 31, 2010

The right man

When I've found the right man, shouldn't the world make a bit more sense?
Shouldn't I feel more settled, because everything seems right, seems at peace?


If I like someone, and there are looming big questions, and these questions prompt deep, continued conversation, and it seems that these big questions must be resolved even before we kiss... Do all these big "issues" mean that I should not take time to become emotionally involved with him?

It's one in the morning, and I'm contemplative.  I have no answers, and my intuition seems murky.
Post comments below please -


  1. those are some big questions, rose! my advice is take it slow. and don't worry. and leave it in God's hands. if it falls in place, then it does. if it doesn't, it doesn't. I believe God brings the right amount of peace when you've found the right person for the right time. maybe not necessarily the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, but God sees way far ahead. maybe something will happen for NOW to be a precursor for what's to come? who knows. anyways thanks for making me think. love ya

  2. K -
    Thank you so very much. I agree with you entirely.
    Taking it slow is, I believe, the key for my current situation. It's not very easy, but it certainly is right.
    Thanks for your support.
    Love you too!

  3. ---
    Well, to be honest, those "issues" were really red flags, and they piled up quickly. This was the shortest exclusive 'relationship' I've ever entered. Less than a month. My prior shortest relationship was 8 months.

    Feel free to post your shortest length of relationship to make me feel better.

    And I'm grateful it only took me a month to get over myself. It takes me a while to find a fellow I really like. I so much wanted to enter into a committed, long term relationship with this fellow because I actually him. I chose to overlook the "issues" because of hubris. Surely the man I (finally!) chose must be better than the flags indicate! I suppose I was caught off guard because the four gentlemen I dated in the past were top-notch. I was defending my poor choice under the guise of defending this fellow's character.

    And now I have a great opportunity for introspection and prayer and reevaluation.

    Amusingly, while I type this, "Company" plays on PBS. It's about a man deciding whether or not he ought to marry. Irony.

    It's a good time to be single, really.
    (California in March!)