November 10, 2008

I finally did it.

I did it.

I took that step... You know, the one you are way too scared to take, because everything will... CHANGE.

This evening I applied to be a tour guide in Central America.

Who knows? If I'm accepted, maybe I'll be sludging through mud in the rainy season (OK, this is guaranteed.) Or maybe I'll be annoyed with one of my tour members, or ill from eating street food, or sick of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, or homesick (also guaranteed.)

Who knows? I do know that true adventure awaits us in every moment of every day. It is our choice to delight in the small moments of life. And the big ones. Because if they hire me, I'll be wandering barefoot on sand in 80 degree weather in December. And I'll be helping others in my group discover the joy that is in endless availability. Savoring the local food, befriending the local Latinos, soaking in the local sun...

Who knows?

I submitted the application with my eyes closed. I squeezed out a little prayer as I tapped the "submit" button - "Jesus, I hope this is the right thing!"

And I do know that if I walk in pursuit of Him, in pursuit of my calling, and in pursuit of peace, then my path will be steady, I will be fulfilled, and I will possess an inner strength that exudes true wisdom.

My steps are known.

I'll keep you posted on the application status. I will leave the country three weeks after they hire me. (Fingers crossed!)
You will be notified of my departure date as soon as I know, and I will give you a date for my going-away party as soon as I can.

I am richly blessed. Thank you for loving me. My friends are a tremendous strength to me.
As I complete this email, my iPod serendipitously plays "Blessed Assurance..."

- Srta. Rosita

(Meaning "Miss Rose" in Spanish)

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