May 18, 2011

A new perspective

The Earth offers herself to me every day.  The damp paths in the forest, the peach sunset, the flitting butterflies, they all exist calmly and contentedly.  Earth quietly asks me to visit, and I usually choose not to.

Instead, I stay indoors, windows closed, shoes on, eating with objects like silverware instead of my fingers, and otherwise unconsciously avoid any contact with the natural substances which permitted my concrete reality to come to be.

If I should indulge in this encounter with Earth (which I believe we are created to commune with every day), then She would be giving me a free gift; she is merely opening her heart and sharing her song.  The sunset bathes my face, and my soul stills.  The mud squishes between my toes and I giggle with delight.  The smells of fresh rain on composting trees is intoxicating.  As I walk through the wild, the bird lands on my hand and eats my offering.  I could eat no greater meal than this.  This food satiates.

I was recently confronted with a question:  Rose, because the Earth has gifted to you, you owe it your energy, skills, and work.  What will you do to give back?

And I found my answer while meditating high up a ravine and gazing into a majestic waterfall:
I owe Earth nothing.  She is sharing Herself with me.  She is giving Herself freely, without pretext.  She did not intend for me to give back.  She simply loves.

And I realized that if I did nothing other than spend the rest of my life living in a tent in the woods collecting edibles and walking barefoot through Her corridors, and never start a "Save the Whales" club or teach sustainable living, she will be at peace, and she will be content knowing I am content.

I am growing at peace with this recent understanding.  It is acceptable to Be without giving.  It is, of course, desirable to give, but only out of free will and in openly sharing my heart.  I want to be connected to my joy, and radiate it freely to my environment.  Interestingly, when I freely give, I find purpose and fulfillment.   If you are in my environment, or Earth is, or a hurting child, or a giddy friend, I will choose to be me, choose to have joy, and choose to live life as fully as I am able in that moment.  I found peace.

I love you.

This post is both literal and metaphoric.
I look forward to your thoughts!


This birdie quickly found my humble bread offering

"Elated" doesn't quite describe...

Profound gratitude and joy, and a quiet desire for more


  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    I love it all...your words are magikal Rose, and I thank you for sharing not only your insights but your timely loving presence as well... The Earth never takes offense, just like is exactly a human emotion that we project unto something else to serve our desire for seeing a purpose within ourselves. We are here to be here, providing the motion lotion to Life, to simply observe and partake in all its splendor... Much love to you my sweet sister. May you days be blessed and your nights filled with abundant healing and rest.

    ~ Love...

  2. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    Even though I think I may end up starting a "Save the Cows" club and teach sustainable living, I completely agree with your words. Very beautifully put. I write on a similar topic in a book which I am about to publish, but you say it so much prettier! :)I'll probably be heading into the Rockies for a few months in a few months to enjoy your beautiful nature!
    And I spoke to my mom's friend who has fibromyalgia. Ouch. Stay strong and cheerful! Hugs