July 16, 2010

I'll Bike (& bleed) for MS - For $5!

It's that time the 2010 bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis.  You've helped me raise $11,000.  Let's do it again!  Can you spare $5 for the cause?

Why do I do it?  My friends have MS.  They're normal people - a friend from high school, a mentor at church, my gynecologist, and a former boyfriend.  You probably have friends with MS as well.

Donations as of 7/17: $695

Help me reach my goal of $1,000.

Donate $5 for MS here.

I'm stoked to be riding 83 miles with hundreds of friends through the Willamette Valley and the Columbia Gorge.  We'll camp, eat, laugh, and pedal our bikes a long way.

I have been training with a Canadian archeologist Simon, a Latin DJ Beto, a great friend from church Jordan (Brubaker), Salem's bike club, and my old friend the BMX rider Chris.  I clocked just over 100, which is not nearly enough to consider myself in shape for this ride.

We biked through strawberry, poppy, wheat, and bean fields, to Mac's in Silverton and played a game of pool, in pouring down rain, dark of night, and intense sun, to my Mom's and to friends' houses, to Scio and Mt. Angel, past old red barns and country homes, and have enjoyed the succulent smells and intense sunset views of the Willamette countryside.  I am blessed indeed.

Donate $5 for MS here. 

Throughout, I've relished in my Oregon experience and treasured my friends.  I always walk a bit funny after each ride.

Most recently:  I crashed my bike.  On a flat road, biking really slow (thank God!)  I wasn't holding the handlebars and twisted my body hard right.  The bike followed.  And my wound is healing nicely.

If I can bleed for MS, can you donate $5?  :)

I'll let you know how it all turns out.  If I finish the MS 150 ride, awesome.  If I don't, I will have had a blast, helped you give to those with MS, enjoyed my friends and the Oregon countryside, and the whole event will be worthwhile.

Donate $5 for MS here.  

Warning:  Graphic Photos of my bike wounds below.  ----------------------------------------


It hurt.  REALLY bad.  
I cleaned out the wound with my BMX bike friend, and then finished the minor gunk with my mom.


Wound, day 2.  The worst injury is a deep gash in the wound beneath my knee.  
Red, but healing nicely.

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  1. i love the end shot of you and your nose-pick abilities. haha. you're awesome. :)