July 18, 2010

Unconditional love and grace

Se agapo, meaning I love you in Greek.
(Compliments of Manny)
The following is journal excerpt from November 10, 2009.

Proverbs 17:17 - A friend loves at all times.

I must work to endure certain criticism, and to not be offended.

 Some are people-pleasers, that is, their actions are motivated by pleasing others.  In some circumstances, this is also me.  I believe a person can be demeaned and still choose not to be offended or wounded, even while the offender has given them ample opportunity to feel as such.

This is unconditional love.
It is also giving grace.

And so I must learn to love.
To learn, and be thirsty to relearn this wisdom every day.
It is a practice of my faith, and testimony to who I am, and to who I am becoming.

Roseanne. Anne, Full of God's Grace.
It will always be impossible to fully please mankind.  And thankfully, all I have to do is please God - by giving grace to others and being me.

God, do give me Your grace in my weakness. I need it. And help me to freely gift it to others in turn.

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  1. Thanks to a certain wonderful Greek man for his contribution of an original Manny work-of-art... Five years later, the mug still holds tea!