January 19, 2009

En que mas puedo pedir?

I spend time with God every single day while I'm in (or at) the ocean. Without fail.

One evening I was on the tranquil ocean in a kayak at sunset with brilliant clouds all around, birds flying as though they were hovering only a foot above the water, friends behind me, and the Ecuadorian coastline stretching all around. I looked north and saw a partial rainbow.

I was silenced and invigorated.

En que mas puedo pedir?
What else could I possibly ask for?

There are a thousand glorious moments to be had each day, albeit many are not so picturesque.

I am tremendously blessed.
Truthfully, in that moment I acknowledged I wish to be married. I want to meet my life partner. I desire companionship. Yet in the present moment I am overwhelmed with the vibrant experience I am having in Ecuador.

Before I left the US, I remember feeling like my experience of God did not reflect what the Bible says it ought to be.

But now- It's like I somehow won this jackpot of blessings, a karma, that "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" An elusive moment realized.

(LOL) It's like God gave me a six week vacation as thanks for the years working on the video project ( )
I know "it doesn't work like that," but I can't help but observe the irony.

I am truly a blessed woman of the Lord.

En que mas puedo pedir?


  1. Hey, girl
    Good to hear from you, i am glad that now you have blog, we can check what u been up too and pray for you adn leave some notes :-)

    I know how it feels to be in the other country and bein homesick sometimes!!!

  2. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you at times. You are a woman of strength!

    Thank you for your encouragement... Feel free to stalk me here :)