January 14, 2009

On Food and Money and Shampoo and Light Switches and Sand

On Food and Money

Since I've been here, I've eaten French, Japanese, Ecuadorian, Swiss, Argentinean, Mexican, Hungarian, American, and... other foods. And all of it has been excellent.

Down the street I can buy a three course lunch for $3.50. Further down the street it costs $1.75. For chicken, rice, fruit, and something else :)

I don't see credit or debit cards here, unless in a really nice restaurant or big grocery store. It's best to keep bills of $10 or less – your cab driver may not have change.

Budget from December 9 to January 1: $180 (+ $70 airfare)

Lodging on the beach, in the hacienda, in an elegant house, in the highlands, and in the hot spot downtown Quito: $0.00
(((Thank you, Couchsurfing and Pablo!)))

Food on the street, in gourmet restaurants: $100

Phone: $10.00

Transportation: Taxis and local buses: $20.00. Flight from Quito to Manta: $70.00

Sunscreen: $12


I haven't shampooed my hair in one week. Because I planned on a one night stay at a secluded beach... Then stayed a week. I'm an official beach bum. Yesterday I took a shower with soap and a wash cloth (I know! Such an OCD hygienic woman!). When I got out I touched my arm – how slick the skin felt! Then I realized my skin had been covered in salt, sand, and sunscreen for the last week, and it was less than silky smooth. The sacrifices I make!


The damn light switches are upside down. They drive me nuts.


My goal is to have sand in every orifice of my body every day. OK, perhaps just the nose, ears, and eyes. I've got a perfect track record so far!

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