December 27, 2008

A quick note - New home in Manta

All -
I want you to know that am safe and well and happy and so on and so forth...

I made it to Manta without a problem. When the plane lifted off in Quito I was laughing and crying at the same time... YAY!

I'm staying with Linda, the 64 year old. She's sweet, but talks altogether too much. Whew.

All is well. Tomorrow I will meet a school principal to look into job teaching opportunities - I met a guy named Walter through CouchSurfing, and he is kindly taking me to the school.

At sunset today I was practicing tightrope walking on the beach in a tank top. At about 9pm I got the goosebumps... Heh.
The water is tepid and lovely. I talked to the founder of a kitesurfing school today. We'll see if I take lessons. That would be awesome.

Dinner was $1.75. Big plate of rice and beans with grilled chicken and... get this... cow udder. Yes, I did eat it. It was a thin slice of meat, like a slice of ummm banana. The flavor was much better than the chicken (which was good!) If I didn't know it was cow udder, I would eat a whole lot more of it. Life is interesting.


Love you so much,


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