December 27, 2008

Contacting me...

Phone calls

We can talk by phone... cheap!

First – remember that we can talk on the internet for free, video included. My username is rosebark.

The cheap way to call me from your phone: I've used them for several years and they are excellent. Just be sure to buy cards with at least three stars. If you buy less than $20, there is a $1 charge. But the cards do expire after a while.

In short – I have a cell phone. It is free for me to receive calls.

We have a three hour time difference.

I am awake at about 9 am every day (today I woke up at 7 and walked on the beach!)

··· I go to bed between 10 - 12 pm. Please try not to call after 8 pm your time. For your benefit! I´ll be a zombie if you call after 8 but still glad to talk.

My phone number is

011 // 593 // 8788 5144

Luv Rosita

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