December 24, 2008

I'm a Model! The National Geographic Photo Shoot

I finally, finally, finally have one true reason to be glad for my fibromyalgia. (I have this undefined disease - essentially my joints have chronic pain.)

On the flight from Houston to Quito, I stood in the isles and stretched. And I met two wonderful people. I spent time with both later - and one, Pablo, invited me to his family's hacienda. (Remember the post about the best nightmare ever???)

He has worked for National Geographic for ten years. His next photo shoot will be working with the living relatives of those who died in a genocide in South America. His website:

What a crazy world! Who would ever imagine that they would be in a gorgeous hacienda in the middle of December in a vintage black dress, watching the hummingbirds and smiling for a photographer of such high repute? Awesome.

I greatly enjoyed the shoot. At times I was timid. At times I felt camera shy. At times I laughed because I couldn't hold a straight face - and these were my very best smiles.

Please email me or post a comment to this blog if you would like to see more photographs.

Link to my photo shoot:

Bueno - Shortly off to work. Love you so much!

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