December 26, 2008

Short update before going to the Finca...

(This blog was written about 12/17. I posted it for a later date so it would not be lost under the Christmas post. -loverose- :)

In short:

- I am superbly well. I am living an unimaginably wonderful dream. I have seen nature in a gorgeous presentation of God's beauty, just as I have seen God's beauty in the people I have met.
- Plans are changing! No beaches in Manta for at least my first two weeks in Ecuador. Too many blessings in the countryside and in Quito. It looks like I will go work on an organic farm for one week and then return to Quito to celebrate Christmas with friends.
- I will not have internet access (nor electricity!) until the 23rd or 24th of December.
- I somehow made friends with a National Geographic photographer. I traveled to his family's farm / countryside vacation home for two days. And I modeled for a three hour photo shoot. God is way too good to me!

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