January 16, 2010

Short apologies for being distant...

My short apologies for not having been around as of late.

No worries to all of you who are Rose-starved: I will begin blogging weekly. I have over 40(!) blogs of awesome stories abroad to share with you - And I finally have time to sit down and finish them.

I encourage you to subscribe to my blog. By doing so you will receive an email each week with my new blog, and it saves you time in clicking to another page. Look on the right column and scroll to the bottom. Click on "Follow." You're done :)

My return to the US has been a bit difficult.
While I have published little publicly, I have been rather prolific in private.

I wrote over 220 pages in the last three months. (Insert self-justified smile.)

I need this time personally, yet I still feel I've gypped you guys on ten dozen awesome stories, and a thousand amazing photographs. Part of my new year resolution is to stop feeling guilty about discontinuing my communication. Rather than combat this impossibility, I figure I can simply communicate - I'll polish and post some of my half-finished blogs, dig out some photos, and we can all get along quite nicely again :)


  1. love you! hope your culture shock has been treating you a bit more kindly as of late.

  2. Thank you, Tabs.
    After the new year, I created a grand and short list of personal daily goals. I also refocused spiritually. I am no longer "stuck." I feel refreshed, grateful, and hopeful often.
    What a blessing.