January 11, 2010

What I Want (most in life)

I took a 2,000 mile road trip to Kansas City in December 2009.

I was going on a pilgrimage to encounter the Lord: To IHOP.

No, not this IHOP (found right next to Krispie Kreme's in Kansas City, MO)

I wrote the following while attending IHOP's (International House of Prayer) conference, One Thing. I did not come away with many answers. I can't say that I 'encountered' God. But I did realize it's essential I know what I want - So I wrote those desires down.

Word for word from my journal.

What I Want

To experience God. Feel, touch, receive, hear.

God to manifest & dwell in me, to be my constant companion.

To know my purpose

Joy - to replace my mourning

Clarity of mind- Spiritual discernment, emotions, relationships, capacity to correctly feel & recognize love

To continue to seek You. To desire to seek you. To be purposed. Focused. Passionate.

Physical restoration - freedom from pain.

To understand, believe, & know both the Bible and Christ

To be satiated.

To understand how to trust the Lord, and to do it.

To be a woman of wisdom.

Don't pass me by. Open my heart. Open my eyes. Reveal yourself to me.

I want truth. I want reality. I don't want to fake it.


  1. Many of your desires sounds like heaven. The rest are what makes life interesting.

  2. Well said...
    But I can still want them, right?