October 11, 2010

Fall 2010: Back to School*

(Note: I took my first exam on 10/19.  I earned 97.5%, best in class!)

I have a zit on my chin.

I have dishes from five separate meals in my room.  I ate three of the meals while studying today.

I spent four and one-half hours studying today - filling out my workbook, listening to recorded conversations, re-writing four pages of daily writing assignments, watching pseudo-lame, outdated short videos, and loving,, and results of web searches for "ser estar exercises."

I purchased a student parking permit.

I am trying to preserve the integrity of my text books by making copies of the workbook pages so I can sell them back to the bookstore as "new" if I decide they are not ultimately useful.

I dreamed I did not finish my homework on time.

I did not finish my homework on time.

I text a classmate, Joaquin Aguilar, to ask if class is canceled because it's Columbus Day.

I pick at my pimple while I study.  (Today I put burn jell on it to numb it so I would stop picking at it.  It worked.)

I think too much about what I wear to school.**

I still need to affix my parking permit on my rear window.

I am a student.

*  I attend Chemeketa Community College, a local junior college on Lancaster in Salem, Oregon.  It is precisely 1.1 miles from my home.  (What a blessing!)

**  I attend every class in black slacks, nice shoes, a dressy shirt, lipstick, and hair in good order.  The other students are either a bit trendy in skinny jeans and crisp white shirts with scarves, or, the majority, wear frumpy clothes that emanate one of the "I don't care / I'm broke / I have no personality / I am still hung over" attitudes.  I dress the way I do because I believe my effort put forth and my attitude in class are reflected in my appearance.  I immediately dress down when I return home :)

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