October 19, 2010

Summer bliss in Oregon

The Hess farm.  Burns, Oregon.
Camp Alamo.  Little North Fork, Oregon.
Let's count my blessings in the most recent week.

8  Days of my most recent adventure*
4  Days with my good friend Courtney ranching in the highlands of Oregon 
4  Days with CouchSurfers Travis, Loren, and Eric at Camp Alamo living in a tent on the Little North Fork River
Courtney and Molly
Travis, Eric, & Loren

7  Times Courtney allowed me to drive the ATV to check on cattle, operate the irrigation for the alfalfa field, and dork around
6  Mornings I did not set my alarm clock
5  Nights I consumed alcohol  (I typically have a drink once every month or two)

4  Fresh eggs eaten from the hens at Camp Alamo
4  Days without electricity
4  Days drinking only river water.

4  Days spent reading about my recent medical diagnosis.  Camp Alamo gave me time to be alone during the daytime and focus on learning and healing.

ATV drivin' at dusk - it's time to move the linear!
When I wake up at Camp Alamo, I see...

3  Barbed wire slices on my legs
3  Times the fishies in the river tried to eat me  (Little fishies.  Big nibbles.  It scared me.)

2  Mornings woken up by the obnoxiously noisy chicken
2  Baths under the stars in the Little North Fork (With Dr. Bronner's soap so as to not kill the fishies)
2  Times I washed camp dishes in the river
2  Times I picked wild blackberries
2  Bullets I shot at rabbits

Rabbit hunting via headlights.

What a gorgeous fence!

1  Barbed wire gate Courtney and I mended
1  Shower taken (at a friend's house)
1  Bottle of Ron Soleris gifted to me by Ed, a man with more life experience than I will ever achieve
1  Meal not prepared at home.  And I'm proud to say it.
1  Chicken coup I mended
1  Cow I herded
1  Gate Courtney and I built
1  Dog infatuated with licking my elbow.  Thanks, Molly!  (Yuck.)

The "before" picture of a very sad fence
Closing the pipe

0  Rabbits I caught when I went night hunting.  Courtney said there must have been a coyote that scared them away before I arrived.  I still had a lot of fun.  But it's still too bad I missed - The BBQ was ready to go!
0  Times I washed my hair  (Yuck again.)
0  Days with running potable water

0  Times I wished I were back at my cozy cute home in Salem.

Ed's prize horses

$50 in gas
$20 purchasing lunch for Courtney and I
$0 spent on everything else.

Santiam Forest - elegantly displayed years after a fire.
AMAZING dinner at Camp Alamo
The center of much debate

The alfalfa linear water irrigation

High desert flowers

A farmer's sunset

Jessica Akers, formerly Adaria Fashion.  A great friend from the past.
I love Oregon :)  Only here do you find such a hat in a convenience store!

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  1. sounds like an awesome summer! i can't wait until my summers are spent in oregon again!