March 6, 2011

January flowers - Believe it!

I feel so blessed.  We had an extravagantly warm and long winter here in Salem, Oregon.  And January?  Well, aside from my hundreds of daffodil and crocus bulbs poking up, I have three plants in full bloom, one weed in bloom, and another shrub on the way!  The day is 45 degrees and cloudy, fog lies over the entire city, and the lawn is still blanketed in dew at 3:30 in the afternoon.  A lovely sight indeed.

It appears the slugs are also up and wanderin'

Daphne - I am SO excited to enjoy their fragrance!

From Danyelle
This bush is so fragrant I can smell it across the yard

I deeply enjoy the beauty of this delicate nuisance!

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  1. in providence it is currently close to 32 degrees (negative one on my walk to work monday morning!!) and snowing AGAIN . . . we'll easily get close to 8 inches this go-around.

    i'm done with winter.

    my garden is laying under FEET of snow - i wish i could dig it out and get those carrots i left in there. i wanna eat them!

  2. Miss T -
    ICK. I am so sorry to hear this. It must seem a tremendous discouragement. Stay strong. You have the opportunity to move SOON!

    In brighter news, today I sat on my back porch in my wicker rocking chair and bathed my face in the mid day sunshine.

    And I didn't dig up all of my carrots. (Guilt+Shame!) Do you suppose they're still good? I'm too lazy to grab a shovel and see because I'll feel horrible if (when) I find they rotted.

    Keep the faith.

  3. totally still good! if it's been cold that is . . . it's like putting them in the fridge. try it!!

  4. I will. (another day.) Hold me to it. :)