November 9, 2011

Master Schedule: Mexico 2011-2012

Here's the skinny.

October 23-27:  Conference in Mexico City (DF)
October 28-Nov 6:  Travel in Oaxaca with Pablo
November 7-Dec 16:  Volunteer for Isla Urbana in DF.  Thanksgiving.
Dec 17 - Jan 2?:  Travel in Oaxaca with Jen.  Christmas.
Jan 3? - March 10:  Volunteer for IU in DF
Jan 21:  Mama Rumba con Jeya
March ?:  Run out of money.  Time to invent my next adventure!


  1. Add: el sabado, 21 de enero - Mama Rumba con Jeya

  2. that sounds like an amazing time! I'm so happy for you :) you have always been an adventurer- at least since i've known you. it's something i really admire. <3

  3. Jeya - Schedule modified. :)

    Thank you so much, Photogenique! I appreciate your words!