January 26, 2012

Oct 24 - Nov 3: Arrived, Conference, Food, and In Oaxaca

October 30 - November 3

caldo de nopales
elote con mayonesa, queso, limon, chile, y queso
quesillo (!!!!!!)
tortillas fresquitas
agua de horchata
maiz con leche
tlayuda de verduras
mole rojo
chocolate mayordomo
chapulines (grasshoppers)
jugo de... cosas nuevas

I've reached the moment when new foods are no longer named something straightforward, and I simply ask for what I've never heard of before, eat whatever is served, and smile at the results. :)
Sorry, I can't remember any of the new foods I've eaten in the last days!

October 29

I am honestly astounded at how safe, civil, and clean Mexico City is. I've not seen much, but have been delighted with what I've discovered.
Love from Oaxaca -
OH WOW is it gorgeous! I'm in a state south of Mexico City and having a phenomenal trip.
Dia de los Muertos.  I owe you a journal entry.

"Yo no se manana..."
La cancion suena en un club de Oaxaca, me emociona, y me trae a un lugar de salsa hace poco tiempo... Verdaderamente, yo no se que pasare. Ningun sabe, realmente.

October 27
Mama Rumba! Azzzzzucar!
Last night my Mexico experience was... delicious. I drank tequila with friends, ate AMAZING tacos, and danced salsa at Mama Rumba with a large group of lively people (thanks, Jeya!)
Arriba Mexico!

October 26

I thought we were having earthquakes my entire first day. I continually grabbed walls and furniture attempting to stabilize myself. I tried to do so in a casual manner... But I don't think there is a casual way to do so.
Altitude sickness + pollution = constantly dizzy and often with a headache and nausea.
It often literally smells like rotting sewage. *sigh* All is well otherwise!
mini earthquake :)
Welcome to Mexico City!

October 24
Happy, healthy, and uber tired in Mexico City.
Thanks for your love and prayers!
Mexican hot chocolate, jugo de tamarindo y jamaica
Flan, Tres leches
Enselada de nopales
Happy tummy.
jugo de papaya y pay (pie) de maracuya :)

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