March 24, 2012

Big Announcement!

I’m finally on my way home from a delightful and transformative winter in Mexico.  And I’m returning South as soon as possible.

The majority of my time was spent volunteering for Isla Urbana, the rainwater harvesting NGO in Mexico City.  There is a tremendous water shortage here.  Families in some regions often go several weeks without water from the city grid.  I am  blessed to have worked on a wide variety of projects, including installing systems, photographing and documenting events, translating, creating a fundraising campaign for the US, and building connections within the NGO community.  At the same time, I integrated myself as much as possible with those in my neighborhood.  I am blessed to have made friends with all types of travelers and locals with a wide variety of education and socioeconomic statuses.  My life is much richer for knowing them.

Thank you to those of you who helped offset my cost of living while volunteering – This was essential to me staying as long as I did!  And thanks to all who gifted me “play money” for Christmas – I had a blast exploring on weekends and over Christmas. A $13 bus ticket brought me to a nearby warm paradise.  What a blessing.

I changed much as a person during these months.  I learned that I love México deeply, and that this is my home.  Specifically, I feel most alive in Oaxaca.  This is my seventh trip to the country. 

I thought similarly on prior trips, but I now know enough of my values and desires to be certain.  I don’t know what my future looks like, but it includes México.

I also encountered several interpersonal challenges which served as opportunity for me to refine my friendships and relationships.  Every trip away from home forces me to consider the roles my friends carry in my life, and I always return treasuring you even more.  Thank you for being a part of my life.
On March 14 I returned to the USA to see my family and friends, do taxes, run errands, and work my butt off.  I’m planning several meet-ups:  Sushi Kyo, Broadway Coffee, homemade cookie swap, Ladies’ Night, and more.  I’ll send out another email when I know more.  In the meantime, friend me on facebook for quick access to meet-up events.  - Monday, March 26. 6pm, Broadway Coffeehouse.- Friday, March 30. 7pm, Undisclosed location.  Ladies only.  Call me for details.

My goal is to open a massage and chocolate therapy business in Oaxaca.  I spent an entire week canvassing the touristic zone’s spas, hotels, gyms, popular restaurants, and more.  And it seems possible.  I’m excited.  In the mean time, I need to earn money, fast.  My bank account was exhausted by all the costs included in moving to a foreign country and paying for living costs as I volunteered and traveled for four months.  I need to earn a lot of cash before I can return to México and live my dreams.  Cheesy but true.

Does your yard need winter brush cleaned out, or a massive overhaul?  I have 15 years’ experience.  Are you looking for assistance in organizing your garage, shed, or attic?  Do you need help running errands or catching up on projects?   I’m your girl.  I’m here March through mid-May.  Email, facebook, call, or leave a comment here.

Thank you.  I’m at your service, and love you and miss you very much.
Joy and clarity,

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