March 17, 2012

Right place, right time.

Today was beautiful.

I attended the perfect wedding of my delightful and beautiful friend Katie Brubaker and her dude Cody.  Don Pike was my hot date.  I saw many treasured friends.  I am blessed.

I left early, too exhausted from travel and reverse culture shock to function.  It was raining, and I was in my antique leather coat.  I slipped into Great Harvest for a slice of bread (I sure do miss "real bread" when I'm traveling!).  The gal told me if I danced an Irish jig for three seconds, she'd give me a cookie.  Their cookies are amazing, and you know how I like American cookies...  I danced.  And earned a walnut chocolate chip cookie.

The rain continued, yet the low sun was casting a bright evening glow on the old downtown buildings.  I decided to go for a short walk in Riverfront Park despite the rain, wind, cold, and my vulnerable leather jacket. The raindrops clinging to the blades of grass twinkled.  And a rainbow appeared.

I thanked God for bringing me home safely, reveled in the pleasure of my cookie and the rainbow, and knew that at this moment in my life, I'm in the right place at the right time:  Exactly where I need to be.  And then I stepped in a big puddle.  :)

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