June 10, 2009

Travelers and Salsa Dancing in Manta

It’s amusing to note that for the last four months I have dissuaded travelers to spend time in Manta. I’ve told them about the city, and then suggested superior beach towns. There are two good things about Manta: Great people (the ones you are able to become friends with), and proximity to some fair beaches. I am so grateful for my friends, and so grateful to have the capacity to walk to the beach every day, but… Not having funky coffee houses to visit with friends is stifling. The city literally lacks culture of all forms. The music in the clubs is reggeton, the latin version of our grinding with hiphop music. Yuck. There is NOT ONE salsa club!!! Imagine – a city in Ecuador with no salsa club! This was one of the selling points of moving to Ecuador. Sigh. At least I am able to dance in the houses of my friends in Manta. My friends in Manta are the best! (Without them... I don't know where I'd be!)

- miss rose

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