June 30, 2009

Three minute update: July 1

Three minute update: July 1
I've actually only two minutes. My long bus ride leaves shortly...

I'm not looking forward to a nine hour bus ride to Medellin from Bogotá. It costs $20. And my back already hurts... Yuck. But everyone says that Medellin is the mecca of fashion, design, cultural life, and dozens of other items "you can't miss!" I am greatly looking forward to it.

I literally spent all day indoors working on CouchSurfing. I volunteer in the New Member Welcome group. All new members receive two personal welcome letters, one local, and another international. 600 people send those greetings. And it's my job to oversee those 600, the tech issues, and resolve a miriad of random problems that arise. Thank god I work with three other moderators!

Today I wandered with CS Rene and Cris in downtown Bogotá. One of my favorite places was the military museum. Although I hate what it stands for, it was facinating to see the swords and pompous hats and uniforms, the guns and planes and cannons, the awards and medals and ribbons all representing a rich and real history from hundreds of years past.
I could not help but constantly think of my cousin Rob who has always been fascinated with history. I hope he is envious!

I also saw works of Picasso, Botero, Monet, Renoir, and dozens of other amazing and renoun artists.

Additionally, I was able to visit the Gabriel Garcia Velasquez center. What an amazing place!

Got to catch a bus...



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  2. i am envious of the art that you saw! glad you are having such an amazing time!

    it is POURING down rain here . . .has been all summer . . . boo

  3. I woke up with sunshine POURING into my window. Heh. Receiving a free suntan at 7:30 AM!

    Love you, tabs. Thanks for the morbid update :)