June 29, 2009



Best definition: A countryside home. They are typically owned by whom Americans would consider to be middle class.

Fincas. I love them. And my following blog does about 5% justice to the experiences I am having.
Fincas are usually founded on the principles of Permaculture - Check out this Wiki link. You will like it. http// Basic principle: Design a human development that creates more self sufficient human settlement. It complements the ecology...

My finca encounters...

1. Pablo's finca outside of Quito, Ecuador. In El Quinche, Ec.

2. Organic finca outside of Quito, Ecuador - with CS Helen and Niki. In Malchingui, Ec.

3. Family finca outside of Portoviejo, Ecuador - owned by my roommate Maira's family.

4. Comfy weekend home finca outside of Cali, Colombia - owned by CS Felipe's family. In Rozo, Co.

5. June 2009
Expansive, extremely modern and comfortable finca in Espinal, Colombia, outside of Ibagué. Huge pool, excellent sound system... And about 10 years ago the entire family were captured by the Guerillas. Principle reason: The father flashed his money everywhere. And the Guerillas like money. Owned by CS Diego's family.

6. June 2009
Abandoned finca also in Espinal, Colombia, also owned by Diego's family. We slept under a tin roof. We ate roasted choclo, or overripe corn, on a fire that Diego built. And Cristian made FARC pizza, which he promised he would make over six months ago. Pizza roasted on open coals... With fresh tomatos, mozzarella, onion, garlic, and pepper. YUMMY! I ate until I could eat no more.

7. SOON...

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